Writing Exercise #6

Describe your personal philosophy about how and when you have taken, or would take, antibiotics.

I think antibiotics are necessary and should be used.

Also, antibiotics are overused which is a problem on a system wide scale. For the people who overuse antibiotics, their bodies now can harbor the drug-resistant strains and then those strains can be shared. We need to be careful about antibiotic use.

I don’t go to the doctor unless I’m really sick or have been sick for a long time. If and when I am prescribed antibiotics, I set reminders and make sure to take the dosage exactly as prescribed. A lot of people stop taking the meds when the symptoms start to go down, but your body is still fighting the infection and you need to keep taking the medications through the duration.

What experiences or prior knowledge do you have that shaped that personal philosophy?

Learning that our body’s natural response time is 2-14 days, we should not administer antibiotics until after 14 days to see if the body can heal itself and kill off the invaders given it’s natural processing time. We jump right to trying to fix it as fast as possible and I think that’s doing our body harm, in not allowing us to work the process.

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