Writing Exercise #11

I enjoy peer reviewing essays and giving feedback on their work. As always, it was hard to give constructive criticism because I didn’t want to make anyone feel bad about their work, but I knew it would benefit them in the end, so I tried to put my advice into kind words. I enjoy getting feedback on my writing so I try to be helpful when I peer view for someone.

After reading my assigned essays this week, I found some elements I am considering including in my paper. One essay had bolded headers for each new idea, which each lasted about a page long, that gave the reader a good idea about what was coming next in the writing. I liked this to better organize the paper. Sometimes with these longer essays ideas can go off topic, but by having a bolded subject description at the beginning of each topic, I feel like my writing would stay more on track. Second, the other article I read had a lengthy introduction that gave some really good background information on their topic, and I will be revising my essay to do the same. Overall this peer review process was not only beneficial to the authors who wrote the essays that were reviews, but also to myself to improve my writing.

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