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Fresh From The Faucet

August 18th, 2011

Fresh from the Faucet water droplet

“Fresh From The Faucet” encourages Oregon State students, faculty, and staff to save money on sugary beverages and take a step towards better health by choosing water as the number one beverage on campus! Did you know you could save over $400 over the course of a school year by simply using a refillable water bottle? If that isn’t enough, the average soda contains 240 calories. Drinking a soda and consuming these calories in excess of your recommended daily calories can equate to a weight gain of approximately 26 pounds in one year!

Drinking water “Fresh From The Faucet” is a simple way to tap into better health for yourself and the planet.

Where can you fill up on campus? Check out this Filtered Water Map at OSU

Want to learn more about our tap water supply? Check out the Corvallis Water Report






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