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Easy Ways to Eat Vegetables in UHDS

February 23rd, 2012






The Deli and Grill: add as many veggies as you’d like to your sandwich –lettuce, bell pepper, spinach, cucumber, onions &tomatoes!

Breakfast: Jazz up your omelet or eggs with mushrooms, red pepper, spinach, green onions or salsa.

Pizza: Check out the daily veggie slice with zesty sauce, mushrooms and peppers.

Potato Bar: Load your spud with lots of color: broccoli, black beans, bell peppers and mushrooms!

Salad Bar: Check out the whole grain and bean salad specials along with the plethora of fresh veggies

Global Fare: Big flavors, low prices! Check out the daily veggie specials…just .95 cents!

Nori Grill Sushi:  Try the zesty seaweed salad or crunchy veggie snacks (the shitake mushrooms are the best)!


Housed in the new International Living and Learning Center, Cascadia Market has a vast array of fresh produce!  Inexpensively priced, shoppers can get an additional 10% off by using Orange Rewards at any food location on campus (including stores).  In the summer and fall, Cascadia features campus grown produce…now that’s local!







Pair your burger with the signature Pacific City Salad (spring greens, cranberries and crisp apples) for only $1.95—or add grilled chicken to this and make it a meal!




Create your own stir fry special with a abundant array of veggies including broccoli, bean sprouts, peppers and celery! Features daily veggie specials, potato bar and a salad bar with lots of choices, including whole grain salads.




Build your own BeneVita whole grain and bean bowl and load up on flavorful veggies with a middle eastern/Mediterranean flair!  Also, pair that pasta with a small salad (spinach, garden or Caesar)


Consider veggie pizza by the slice or create  your own pizza with lots of veggie options!  Add a small salad for only $1.00



Pair your burger with the signature Pacific City Salad (spring greens, cranberries and crisp apples) for only $1.95—or add grilled chicken to this and make it a meal!




Check out the salad bar with lots of color and crunch.  Pair your soup with a mini salad for only .95.  All sandwiches come with crisp carrots…at no extra charge.



Check out the daily veggie special…always $.95.  Love corn? It’s always on the menu!




So many veggies to choose from-carrots, sprouts, cilantro, jalapenos, and toasted garlic!  Top a brown rice green curry bowl or classic Vietnamese Pho bowl with your favorite veggies for added crunch and flavor.  Stir Fry veggies are always $.95




Did you know that marinara sauce counts as a vegetable? Top your favorite pasta with zesty marinara and add a side of fresh steamed veggies and you are set!


Have you tried Bing’s classic calzini’s?  If not, you are missing out.  A calzini is a clever name for a calzone that is cooked on a Panini sandwich press.  Well, Bings no longer has the Panini press but the name stayed!  Build your own calzini and fill it with your favorite veggies—spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers to name a few!

Also check out the variety of Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free options in UHDS.

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