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Be Well.

Be Orange.

OSU Athlete David Fink’s Take on Veggies

March 5th, 2012

David Fink
New Media Communications

You can’t go wrong with peppers, I like carrots and I like lettuce.

I cook a lot. You’ve got breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything has vegetables. You’ve got omelets in the morning, and you also have breakfast burritos. You can put some veggies in. For lunch you have salads, some sandwiches, you can put a lot of veggies in. You could also make a little stir-fry for lunch and dinner. For dinner a lot of times I steam vegetables and put them on the side.

I grew up in Hawaii so we had a lot of fruit. I got into peppers and carrots. My family likes spicy food.

I tell them to come over to my house and I’ll make them a good meal.

Usually when we’re traveling I’ll push the coach to go somewhere that has healthier meals with vegetables. It really does affect the way you play the next day in competition. You can feel it when you wake up. If you didn’t eat well, you know it.

Athletes understand the benefits of vegetables. Do you?

Be Well. Be Orange.

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