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“The Five Buck Box”

September 16th, 2011

By Melinda Ingalls, Public Health Senior

I know what you’re thinking. The new”5 buck box” at Taco Bell is an incredible deal. It’s Pull a U-Turn, take a double-take, pump the breaks baby delicious! These are the deals college students live for, and having taco bell open when you are craving that fourth meal is nothing short of genius. I know when I saw those three mouthwatering tacos, cinnamon twists, and a perfect soda glistening in the background that I had skipped earth and gone straight to heaven!

It was 11:00 at night and there I was on my path of righteousness, myself and two other overly eager girls about to become blissfully dazed in a taco bell craze! Then, all of a sudden my father’s voice entered the back of my head, “There is nothing cheap in this world, and there certainly isn’t anything free!” I quickly turned on the radio before my two companions could feel my radiating smile turn into lip biting anxiousness. Why was it that we were getting such an abundant amount of food for such little cash? No, no, no! This was all the university’s fault, educating me to question what we are told and to look more deeply than meets the eye.

I’ve learned through shopping experiences that when you buy cheaper, you lose more of the quality. Either the fruit goes bad quickly, or the expiration date in right around the corner. When you buy something that is quick and easy, who is really getting this “deal”? The silence was now blaring in the car, and I could tell my friends had finally noticed my doubt. I wasn’t sure how they had figured me out when I was acting with such poise, but then I realized I had pulled up the nutritional facts of taco bell on my iPhone and their faces were quickly awe stricken! With a simple look we were all smiling again and knew that this wasn’t us! We were pulled in by those catchy advertisements, and were truly blinded by the light of that red and purple bell.

We all went back to the house to make a real meal that was definitely cheaper than the 15 dollars we were about to spend, and lord knows it was healthier! I think not only are our lives on this absurdly quick pace, but our meals are starting to become eaten in the car or thrown down our throats before a meeting to try and keep up with that pace! Meals are supposed to be slow, thought out, and genuinely enjoyed in good company! I’m asking you to slow down, just a little bit. Embrace a meal that is full of color, and take in conversations that are full of life.

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One Response to ““The Five Buck Box””

  1. connor says:

    I love Taco Bell!! I just looked up some of the nutrition info though, and I was amazed! Got to start cutting back…Great article!

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