Oregon Strategic Pollinator Health Plan

Coming Soon!

Soon Oregon will release a pollinator protection strategic plan documenting pollinator protection initiatives and the ways in which state agencies are working together to maintain and enhance bee health.

Photo Credit: Molly Alloy

Components of this plan include:

  • Pollinator friendly resources including plant lists and land management guidelines
  • Collecting input from farmers and community members about what bee-friendly practices are currently being implemented and if there is a need for marketing opportunities to promote these products.
  • Outreach events designed to highlight Oregon bee species and the need for increased monitoring in the state
  • New research identifying key native pollinators of Oregon crops
  • Funds for bee research and outreach generated by apiary registration and pesticide registration fees
  • New state-specific voluntary guidelines for beekeepers, pesticide applicators, and landowners to reduce pesticide exposure to bees.
  • New materials to help educate pesticide applicators and landowners about pesticide exposure to pollinating insects.
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