Oregon Native Bee Atlas

What is the Oregon Bee Atlas?

The Atlas is a joint initiative of the Oregon Department of Agriculture and Oregon State University to identify the bee species in the state. Although we estimate there are 500 species of bees in Oregon, there has never been a concerted survey of the state’s bees.

Why an Atlas?

The broad goal of the Atlas is to better understand the health and abundance of bee populations around the state. Studies have shown that with a relatively small sampling effort we can track whether there large declines or improvements in bee populations over time.

How can you get involved?

We are building regional monitoring teams — made up of motivated groups & individuals like you — to help us create a robust network across the state. For those willing and able to lead a group, we will provide training, supplies, and ongoing support. We will train you on how to collect bees, curate them and we will identify the bees.

Connect to our native bee identification process here.

Photo Credit: Molly Alloy

You can also submit anecdotal observations using your smartphone and the iNaturalist app through the Oregon Bee Atlas project: inaturalist.org/projects/oregon-bee-atlas

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