About Us

The State of Oregon is diligently working to protect pollinator species that are integral to the food supply and the natural environment around us. Two agencies helping to lead these statewide efforts are the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) and Oregon State University (OSU), as part of the collaborative Oregon Bee Project (OBP). Together these agencies are launching several initiatives designed to increase pollinator habitat, safeguard pollinators against pesticide exposure, and increase general awareness about Oregon bees. The project started in 2016 and is being shaped by stakeholder engagement happening across the state and will continue to evolve through stakeholder input.

Photo Credit: Molly Alloy

Current activities:

  • Interviews, trapping, and farming practice assessment at select Flagship Farms
  • Advisory committee meetings with interested stakeholders
  • Curation workshops for bee enthusiasts to aid statewide survey efforts to develop the Oregon Bee Atlas
  • Tabling at relevant agricultural events
  • Regular e-newsletter with updates about pollinator activities and projects around Oregon

The ODA and OSU are dedicated to finding solutions to the problems facing pollinators that work for Oregon. In the quest to find solutions to these complicated problems your voice matters. To create components of the Oregon Pollinator Health Plan we will be working closely with a diverse group of stakeholders including farmers, conservationists, researchers, and the public. To find out more about getting involved or about these statewide efforts please visit: Pollinator Health Plan

This project is funded in part by a USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant.

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