1. Make a college bucket list
  • It will help you highlight the things that you really want to try at the university
  • It makes you feel accomplished and experienced
  • It’s just a great way to experience life
  • It’s a way to make lasting memories
The Slavic Student Association
The Slavic Student Association of which I am the founder
  1. Get involved
  • Be it a club or organization, a job, a project, fraternity or sorority life or a research internship don’t hesitate to jump in and try it out you never know what the skills gained once doing this will help you accomplish in the future
  • It will help you be a well rounded person
  • It will be valuable experience to place on your resume and future employers might be impressed
  • It’s never too late to try something new, or get involved, the people you meet and the experiences you form are invaluable
The Sigma Delta Omega science, unhoused sorority
The Sigma Delta Omega science, unhoused sorority
  1. Get to know your professors, mentors, and job supervisors
  • They want the best for you and by getting to know them you’ll be more passionate about the subject
  • Attend their office hours or make an appointment
  • You might get insider information that will prove valuable for the quizzes, projects and tests
  • Your mentors will give you valuable insight and advice
  • Your job supervisors will help you develop your skills for your future job after college
Participating in the I-Lead Leadership institute, with amazing mentors
Participating in the I-Lead Leadership institute, with amazing mentors
  1. Go to different events
  • Attend the different cultural nights, symposiums, free food events, presentations and sport events they will broaden your perspective about the world, help you meet new friends, and open up new opportunities
Participating in ISOSU events all year with this wonderful team
Participating in ISOSU events all year with this wonderful team
  1. Give your 100% in classes
  • Start out strong and do your best no matter the obstacles, if you feel stuck, go ask for help there are many resources on campus to help you out, as well as the teacher, the teacher assistants and classmates
OHSU project presentation at OSU symposium
OHSU project presentation at OSU symposium
Me presenting my poster for Experimental Chemistry II (CH 463 course)
Me presenting my poster for Experimental Chemistry II (CH 463 course)


6. Set time aside for relaxation

  • In this busy world, where everything is at our fingertips there are so many distractions, and so much work to do if you are involved in multiple activities as well as classes, so give yourself a brake and set time aside to go to the gym, or in the sauna or to the park, or to any other place that makes you relaxed and to forget about the stress of the day
The Adventist Christian Fellowship club always has adventures in nature!
The Adventist Christian Fellowship club always has adventures in nature!
  1. Participate in things that aren’t in your comfort zone
  • Go explore the university, the world, and your passions
  • Try that project that might be challenging but is interesting
  • Join your friends in going on a trip or participating in a 5K that might not be in your usual routine
Doing the OSU challenge course during SEAC training
Doing the OSU challenge course during SEAC training
  1. Find the best way that works for you to study
  • There is no one way to study, each one of us is unique and have different habits and personalities, find the way that works for you because that’s what will prove most beneficial
  • Form your own study habits by finding your own niches and tricks that work best for you
The best way I like to study is to actually do the experiments and projects
The best way I like to study is to actually do the experiments and projects
  1. Keep your goals in sight and accomplish them
  • Many times with everything that’s going on you might forget why you are doing all the work for, so look over your goals and you’re life will come into focus
Studding abroad in Chilean, Chile
Studding abroad in Chilean, Chile
  1. Make your college experience unique for you
  • Don’t follow the stereotypes and assumptions set for you by your parents, friends or social media, find your own path and make your own choices
Me ready for all the great adventures to come
Me ready for all the great adventures to come

From the heart by: Valeria Ursu (SEAC Public Relations, Event Specialist)

To wrap our Student Org Spotlight series, here’s some bloopers from this year’s SOS!

Check it out!



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Stay tune for our SOS series in the upcoming school year 2015-2016!


Audrey A. & Joyce L.

The Black Student Union at Oregon State University hosted their Straight from the SOLE on May 27th, 2015.

The Black Student Union is a student led organization to foster, support, and promote the social, political, and educational growth of Black students. Also, to spread cultural awareness and compassion through the education of their peers and service to the community.

The event started with a presentation by guest speaker, Ms. Earlean Wilson Huey, on the meaning of soul food. Followed by the the student leaders from BSU introducing the food they prepared for the night that reminds them of their family.

The style of cooking originated during American slavery. Soul Food is food traditionally prepared and eaten by African Americans. It is the food that bonds the family together. Ms. Huey said, the main ingredient of soul food is “Love”. The desire of making good food with hard work and full attention make the best soul food.

Guest speaker: Earlean Wilson Huey

During the event, they served:

  • Corn bread
  • Banana pudding
  • Peach cobbler
  • Shrimp etouffee
  • Jambalaya
  • Catfish
  • Greens
  • Beans
  • Dirty rice with/without meat





Joyce Lam
SEAC Event Specialist

So here comes the Dead week. Never take it literally because we beavs are better than that. 11169893_913715532004670_8029688379817138768_n


Although this is not Hogwarts and God blesses us will never have those reasons to cancel finals, one thing we can be similar to Hogwarts is the end of the year party – #beBEAVERBOLD Block Party. 

There will be stage performances, presentations, tabling from OSU departments and student organizations. Come celebrate the accomplishments everyone has throughout the year! There is also a chalk art competition and free food!

Come make your dead week feels alive! #beBEAVERBOLD


Audrey A. & Joyce L.

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I’ve only very recently begun to realize that in only a few weeks, I won’t be a college student anymore.


I’ve told myself dozens of times how I was going to graduate in June. How I was going to move back to Portland to begin the next chapter of my life. I thought that I knew it and was ready for it.


I still am ready for it… but what’s just now sinking in is all that I’ll be leaving behind.


10974567_927228573967958_8642814931948560516_oIt was in the little things that I began to realize it. I had a final club meeting the other day, and walked away knowing that I may never see some of those people ever again. To go even smaller, I just did a massive load of laundry at my apartment and I realized that I did it for my last time with those (dumb) machines.


As it all begins to set in, I’ve started to wonder if I got to do everything that I wanted. If I had had as much fun as I possibly could. If I had done college “right.”


I’ve almost been treating the end of my college career as if it’s the end of the road.


We all know that’s silly, though. My life has practically just begun. My world is only now opening up to all the new adventures, misadventures, and the pleasant monotony of daily life in between the two that comes with adult life.11168561_975894262434722_1377687681202756509_n


It’s just hard to leave a magical place like college, in a town and community that I’ve grown to call “home” for four years. Never again will I walk among the falling petals of blooming trees and see fellow students my age lounging in the MU Quad. Never again will I know the horror of accidentally sleeping through a class, or the joy of having a class unexpectedly canceled. And I know that if I ever do go back to school, it won’t quite be the same. I know there are people that I won’t see ever again or not nearly as often. I know that my apartment just south of campus won’t be my “home” anymore.


It makes me sad. But then I think of all I’ve gotten to do, and all the people I’ve met, and I smile. I know that this is just part of life itself. And while that still doesn’t help my frightful heart right now in this moment, I know that this is normal and that this smile will last longer than my anxiety will.


Thank you, Corvallis and OSU, for having me in your town and community, and for giving me the opportunity to do all that I’ve done.


But now, it’s about time for me to say farewell. I have a new home waiting for me, somewhere.


“You know why people have eyes in the front? Because they have to move forward to see the landscape in the distance. If you had eyes in back all you could see is your home town getting farther away; you can’t move forward like that. If your eyes are in front what you see in the distance keeps getting closer. That’s what lets people move forward.” -Kamina Jiha


Shane McKinnon

Digital Communication Arts Major, Music/Business Minor

OSU Student, 2011-2015

Finding yourself dreading the week before finals? To prepare for dead week here are a few tips and tricks to survive. May the odds be in your favor!

1. Plan ahead

Make a detailed schedule of what you have to do and when to do it, and rigidly stick to it. Planning ahead will lessen stress, and give more time to work on projects and papers.


2. Exercise

Stop dwelling in your caves and be productive. A little bit of exercise does wonder to improve your energy levels!


3. Manage distractions

Stay focused on completing one task at a time. Tap out of your Snapchat and Facebook to concentrate on what’s really important.



4. Eat energy boosting food

Foods high in vitamins and minerals, lean proteins and healthy fats will do wonders to boost your focus and improve your concentration. Try food such as quinoa salad, nuts, green smoothies! Lastly, remember to HYDRATE!


5. Give yourself a break

If you’re hitting dead ends in your project and reports, its best to take a break and come back to it. Breaks clear your mind and help with generating more ideas and things to write in your paper.


What are your tips and tricks in preparing for dead week? Share you ideas below!


Meyee Cha (SEAC, Public Relations)

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This week’s and the last STUDENT ORG SPOTLIGHT of the Spring term 2015 goes to OSU’S SAILING TEAM! CONGRATZ TO THEM & CHECK OUT THEIR INTERVIEW!!!

  1. Name: OSU Sailing Team
  2. Reason for recognition: The OSU Sailing club has made it to Nationals for both team racing and coed and are currently competing in Rhode Island.
  3. Background of the club: They were founded in 1978 and had inactivity here and there. The team revived again as a team in 2004 and has grown tremendously since then.
  4. Purpose of the club: The OSU Sailing Club is a student-run organization club sport and competes in the North West Intercollegiate Sailing Association. They strive to improve sailing ability and welcome all members of the OSU community from beginners to pros to participate in their club.
  5. Accomplishment(s) in the community: They became one of the strongest sailing team in the Northwest and has been nationally ranked. They were recognized as the most improved club sport at Oregon State University a few years ago and received an Individual Leadership award by OSU’s recreational sports. The OSU Sailing club was awarded for being all Northwest team skipper and crew, placed 17th in nation at Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association Singlehanded competitions, attended the ICSA Match Race and Coed National championships, and many more. This year, they won the 2015 NW Team Race Championship and they are one of the 16 teams to qualify for the 2015 ICSA National Championships as they are currently competing for Team Race and Fleet Race at Newport, Rhode Island.
  6. Contact: To learn more how to be part of the team, visit their facebook or email them at Sailing@oregonstate.edu.

Do you know a student org or club on campus who’s deserving to be in the spotlight? We need your help by nominating them!

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Audrey A. & Joyce L. 

The Calm before the Storm…


Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It’s week 9 and you know what that means? Only 2 weeks till Finals!

This is the week before the dreaded dead week and finals week. Keep in check with your studies because it’s now or never!

Push hard, Beavs! For many of you, this is it since you are graduating. Make sure to check your grades and talk with your professors with any concerns you may have about the class. And then for the rest of us, it’s just the countdown to summer break.

Whether you’re graduating or not, stay awesome beavers :) #beBEAVERBOLD


Audrey A. & Joyce L.

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20150522_112142A seniors last year of school puts them to the test to demonstrate their abilities as capable individuals. Their commitment of four to five years is finally paying off as they transition into the real world to pursue their dreams. Some of these seniors embark on Senior Design Projects to showcase their skills to apply what they learned to develop innovative and creative designs within the context of their major.

As a senior myself, I participated in the Senior Capstone Showcase for the 16th annual Engineering Expo last week. It was one of the most critical moments in my college career to show that I can be an engineer. I embarked on a two term journey on redesigning something call a scroll expander. What exactly is that? Well in short, a scroll expander is part of a power cycle used to expand compressed high pressure temperature fluids to create mechanical work. The mechanical work can then be used to generate electricity for units like air conditioning and power generators. Primarily, we see this used for medical and military purposes, because of its high efficiency in producing power and reliability.

Transparent view of the current Scroll Expander being worked on.
Transparent view of the current Scroll Expander being worked on.

My team’s task was to optimize the design to be smaller in size, reduce weight, and maintain the efficiency levels. So that was done by removing components that added no value to the scroll expander and changing other components essential to reducing weight and volume. Some testing is still being done to ensure the product is maintaining efficiency levels, but through all this hard work, dedication, and time I learned valuable skills and experience that I can utilize in my career as an engineer. This doesn’t just stem from the project itself, but all the years I have committed in obtaining my industrial engineering degree. Granted, it is still a learning process in terms of experience and expertise, but knowing the fundamental process in problem solving is a start to being an exceptional engineer.

Now all of this could not have been possible if not for the continuous involvement I had with the student organizations and jobs I have been part of. Organizations such as Phi Sigma Rho, Society of Women Engineers, Hmong OSU, the Valley Library, and Student Events and Activities Center have contributed to the wonderful memories I have made and the support I needed to persevere.

End of the year Leadership Reception with the SEAC Team

As my time here as a OSU undergraduate student is coming to a close, I have come to realize that there were many things I wished I could have done. That is, to be even more involved with the university. These were the moments I treasured the most because of the many amazing individuals that have shaped and changed who I am today. If I had more time to explore the wide variety of organizations on campus or even go study abroad I would do it in a heartbeat. With that being said, my piece of advise to those who will continue on is be involved as much as you can that is feasibly possible!  School is not everything there is to your career. Do things that will test your boundaries, explore new horizons, network, AND make the time do these things! To one of the most important chapters in your life, make it worthwhile.

Meyee Cha (SEAC, Public Relations)