The school is well underway and as many of you, returning students, noticed the Memorial Union building is now looking quite different. The space which used to be occupied by the bookstore is now filled with exciting new stores, a newly built university kitchen, and even a new multipurpose room!

Here’s a quick video I made showing the new wing: MU East Wing Clip

The completion of the MU East Wing is one of the many renovations that are happening. Many more projects are under way. Visit SEC & MU Planning and Construction web page to get more insight about current projects happening with the MU:

Meet ISOSU’s 16 Student Associations

Affiliate Presidents & VP’s at the Cohort Meeting


The International Students of Oregon State University isn’t devised of just six coordinators who spearhead ISOSU’s events. We are devised of our supporters, as well.

In that class, we proudly lump in the OSU community, particularly those who frequently attend our events. Support is also found through similar international organizations on campus, such as INTO OSU, who share and promote our cause. Of course, this post would be incomplete without mentioning the obvious departmental support, Student Leadership & Involvement (SLI) and the Student Events & Activities Center (SEAC).

While I’m on the topic of being “incomplete,” many of us here at ISOSU would say that our story and our role on campus would be incomplete without our student affiliates. As of now, there are 16 student associations affiliated with ISOSU. These student leaders have taken it upon themselves to help diversify OSU. Their events create a home away from home among the international community, which is why ISOSU proudly supports and sponsors them. Their yearly culture nights produce an audience designed of multiple cultures. And by acting as leaders on campus, our student affiliates inspire other students of different cultures to get out of their comfort zone, join an association, become a leader and bring diversity to this campus.

One of our co-directors at ISOSU has such a story!


ISOSU acts as a catalyst to bring international and domestic students together, which can be done through student involvement, such as the work demonstrated within our student associations. They also work to bridge the gap between international and domestic students by accepting multiple cultures into their association.

For many reasons, we’re proud of the students within these associations and the stories they tell with their cultural programs, and the story they help ISOSU tell here on campus. So hopefully you will get to know these faces throughout the year – within their programs, and ours.











Meet the Team: ISOSU Executives

Part 2

You met half of our ISOSU staff this summer:

  • Rone, co-director/program coordinator
  • Shane, IRC coordinator
  • Ria (that’s me!) marketing coordinator

Now meet the rest of ISOSU’s executive team! Together, we work around campus to help make OSU a more culturally diverse and inclusive environment.

Estefania Arellana, ISOSU CO-Director

Estefania Arellana
Estefania Arellana

Major: Junior in Graphic Design and minor in Multimedia and Writing.

Fun Fact: I love Mexican Bread!
What does #beBeaverBold mean to YOU?
“#beBEAVERBOLD means to be inclusive. Regardless of your religion, language, and race, you should embrace and strengthen your community. We come from different places around the world, but we share the same space!”
Dulguun Baasansuren, International Coordinator
Dulguun Bassansuren
Dulguun Bassansuren
Fun Fact: I speak Russian, Mongolian, English and a little bit of Korean.
Year: Junior
What does #beBeaverBold mean to YOU? 
“Being Beaver Bold to me means accepting yourself for who you are, letting go all the fears for being judged by others and let yourself just be you. I personally have a hard time doing that but now it’s time for a change and I know that by the time when I will be bold enough to stand for my opinions and thoughts or just be me, I will be the happiest person I wanted to be, not a person someone else wanted me to be.
“Accepting yourself is important, but respecting others is what comes next. As an international coordinator I will be working and interacting with a diverse community and I have to make sure that I am aware of cultural boundaries and beliefs they follow. We all come from different backgrounds and cultures and trying to adjust yourself to every person you meet is just impossible. However, when you add a little bit of compassion and thought process,  you can find the fine balance between your culture and theirs.
“So I am Beaver Bold. I am my culture.”
Melissa Feng, Internal Community Coordinator
Melissa Feng
Melissa Feng
Year: Senior
Fun Fact: I was the tallest in my class (in) 2nd grade, but haven’t grown since.
What does #beBEAVERBOLD means to YOU?
“It means stepping out of my comfort zone and getting to know more people. As an 80% introvert, I feel that it’s important to find the other 20% of me. Everyone has a passion. I want to find it and share it.”

Fall is finally here and the beavers are back in their den!

Fall term is one of the best times to be in school. Current students and faculty are back in town and our newcomers especially the first-year students are integrating into the OSU community. There’s a lot of excitement to look forward to now that everybody is here!

It is now the second week of school and things are up and going in full mode. As a former freshman, I really enjoyed the After Dark events that OSU has at the Dixon Rec Center and it was especially fun when students come with their new friends that they’ve made on campus. It’s always exciting yet nerve-racking to meet new people but don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Don’t miss out on the chance to build new friendships and connections that will open so many great opportunities that are awaiting for you!

My biggest advice for first-year students and even returning students is to take advantage of the resources that are available on campus if you haven’t already. There are many ways to stay academically successful and still have fun by coming to any of the events that are happening. Like during the first week of school, there was the Beaver Community Fair. I hoped many of you checked it out because I know I found most of the involvement that I am a part of today through that fair. But if you happened to miss it, don’t fret because it is never too late! Always be on the lookout for other campus events and other things around Corvallis that may find your interest.

IMG_2605OSU provides us with so many different activities to choose from and that’s what makes this place such an amazing place. There’s always something to do! If you’re into sports, then there’s the football games to go to or you can join the sports clubs and teams that are available on campus. For those of you who enjoy learning about new culture, we have a diverse cultural groups and centers that you can check out! And if you’re open to new things, then there’s the craft center, adventure leadership institute and many others that you may want to try out. So you see the options are endless!IMG_3395


So here’s to a great start of the school year and be sure to make the best out of it! Be excited! Be involved! Have fun but also prioritize your study! And, of course, #beBEAVERBOLD!

Go Beavs!


ISOSU’s First 2014-15 Coffee Hour

ISOSU had it’s first Coffee Hour Monday, Oct 6 in the IRC and it was a great success! The ISOSU exec team met international and domestic students, learned about cities in different parts of the world and enjoyed delicious, free food!





It was a pleasure to watch as two groups of students (international and domestic) engaged and inquired about each other’s background with genuine interest. I think everyone who attended the event learned something new.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend our first Coffee Hour, we have another one coming up in November. Later this month, we will also host our first Cultural Heritage Oct. 14 from 5-6pm.

Don’t forget that every month we offer a couple programs in the International Resource Center for all students to attend! Check out our schedule on the ISOSU page! And if you don’t know how to get to the IRC, here’s a video that Valeria Ursu, SEAC’s event coordinator, put together last year.

So we hope to see your at our next event!



Win #CulturalTrivia for 2 FREE Tickets to Julius Caesar in the Quad

Hey Beavers!

Erin Cunningham and Joseph Workman performing Julius Caesar in the MU quad
Erin Cunningham and Joseph Workman performing Julius Caesar in the MU quad

Want a chance to win two tickets to see Julius Caesar in the Memorial Union quad? Join us for our next Summer Chill-out Wednesday August 13 in the IRC (across from the MU lounge) where the ISOSU summer team will be hosting #CulturalTrivia! It’s a fun competition and also a way to meet like-minded individuals.

We have TONS of questions related to the USA, so if you want to learn more about North American culture, #CulturalTrivia gives you that opportunity.

How much do you know about the world outside of your hometown? Put your knowledge to the test!

The winner with the most points wins bragging rights AND two tickets to see Julius Caesar, a Shakespearean summer play, in the MU quad August 15, 16 or 17.

Hope to see you at our next Summer Chill-out!

P.S.: Even if you don’t win first place, the ISOSU summer staff is giving away prizes for second place and third place winners.

Spicing up Summer Chill-out

We chalked on the Memorial Union quad, created videos, and updated Facebook daily to spread the word about ISOSU’s Summer Chill-out. But Wednesday (“chill-out” day) came and only two participants showed up!

Rone, Shane and myself saw a problem, and we came up with (hopefully) a pretty good solution: Cultural Trivia.

In the spirit of culture, knowledge and having a good time, Cultural Trivia will be much like Jeopardy, but all the questions and categories will pertain to facts about the world. Team members get to show off their knowledge of countries outside their own, and the top three winners will get a prize!

This will be held during our Summer Chill-out in the IRC, located near the MU lounge. You also get a chance to meet the ISOSU team staffed this summer (we’re actually pretty cool people).

So we hope to see more Oregon State Beavers at our next event, Wednesday August 13 for a chance to meet new people and win really cool prizes!



Meet the Summer ISOSU Exec Team 

Because it’s summer, we’re down to just a few members of our original staff. However, the International Resource Center is open Monday-Friday all summer long. ISOSU is also hosting the 2014 ISOSU Summer Chill Out, a bi-weekly event to enhance cultural education and just have a good time. Check out one reason you should attend the Chil Out, by Rone Nop!

Meet the “Summer Team”

You’ll get to know the whole team during the 2014-15 school year, but if you come to the IRC this summer, you’ll meet one of these three coordinators.

Rone Nop
Rone Nop

Rone Nop, Event Coordinator/Co-director

Year: Senior

Fun Fact: “I am a film fanatic and love to watch every genre. My favorite genre would have to be Horror.”

What does #bebeaverbold mean to YOU?

“#beBeaverBold to me means to have pride in your community and in yourself. It means to stand for the things you believe in and doing what’s right, even though it may not always be the easiest decision.”

Mohamad Shane Iman Bin Mohamad Reezal, International Resource Center (IRC) Coordinator 

Shane Reezal
Shane Reezal

Year: Junior

Fun Fact: “(I’m the) President and founder of the Malaysian Student Association in OSU. (I) snorkeled with 12 tip sharks, sea turtles…stingrays and jellyfish in Perhentian Island, Malaysia.”

What does #bebeaverbold mean to YOU?

“It was never easy to adapt into a new environment after years in high school in Malaysia, but when I took that leap, emerging into the world of opportunities, that’s when I felt and realized that I am in for something greater…#beBeaverBold is to inspire and lead, make a difference to help and better the people and community, and standing with your head held high to what it means to be a Beaver, an OSU student, a part of the world!”


Ria Rankine
Ria Rankine













Ria Rankine, Marketing Coordinator

Year: Senior

Fun Fact: I am addicted to grilled cheese sandwiches.

What does #bebeaverbold mean to YOU?

“When I’m walking through campus and a student I don’t know smiles and says ‘Hi’ to me is what it means to be #beBeaverBold. It’s knowing that a simple act of kindness can go a long way.”





So what does #beBeaverBold mean to you? Post it on ISOSU’s Facebook page!

 2014 Summer Chill Out – Hosted by ISOSU 

The International Students of Oregon State University is holding a summer event to engage with students, enhance the education of culture through OSU. You’re invited to come!

We Want to Hear From You!

We welcome members our affiliate organizations, the cultural centers, incoming international students, and everybody who is interested in hanging out and making plans for the coming year. This is a good opportunity to meet new students leaders, make friends, and create change.

We’ll be providing snacks and drinks!

So if it hasn’t already been said…WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

Jane Crider McHenry Ringo International Doll Collection

Jane McHenry International Doll Collection
Jane McHenry International Doll Collection

Yesterday, members of the ISOSU executive team stared into the eyes of over 240 dolls that, if they could speak, may have a beautiful story to tell.

We all know the dolls can’t speak, but the story of Jane Crider McHenry Ringo is known throughout Oregon State University. Jane’s mother, Ruth, began collecting dolls through Europe and Asia over a 100 years ago. Jane expanded this collection to nearly every continent on the globe, creating the Jane Crider McHenry International Doll Collection.

A few members of the ISOSU exec team, and the Memorial Union graphic design studio got an opportunity to see the dolls for the first time.

Shane taking the measurement of each doll
Shane taking the measurement of each doll

Rone Nope, ISOSU event coordinator, who created the inventory catalog list, enjoyed participating in the project for its message of diversity.

“I enjoyed the significance that these dolls hold towards diversifying the OSU community,” Rone said. “It shows many different cultures and how they dress from all over the world.”

As we worked to count, catalog, and photograph each doll, we were curious to find a doll that represented our national background.  For most of us, that proved to be a simple task.

Staff from the Memorial Union design studio helped catalog the dolls
Staff from the Memorial Union design studio helped catalog the dolls

Shane Reezal, IRC coordinator, found a Malaysian doll, Shane’s homeland. He immediately established a personal appreciation for that doll. It made him feel as though a piece of his culture was with him.

“It gives some sense of identity, representation,” Shane said.

The Jane Crider McHenry International Doll Collection is a wonderful representation of diversity, which is why we at the International Resource Center are pleased to make a home for them in the new Student Experience Center at the start of Winter term. The dolls will be on permanent display at the new International Resource Center.

We’re Here All Summer!

Just like the construction, the International Resource Center will be open all summer long. The dolls won’t make their debut until December 2014/January 2015, but we’ll provide updates on the project leading to their debut!