Happy week 10- it’s dead week! We hope that everyone enjoyed their break and is prepared to get through these next couple weeks. This time of term I think we all grapple even more with the never ending struggle of procrastination. I know that I do. Something I’m trying to get better at is time management. This term I’ve been using a physical planner to help me stay organized and keep track of deadlines. I’m not perfect yet, but it’s helped a lot. What change are you committing to in order to manage your time better?

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The break is finally upon us! Here are some tips for making the most out of your weekend.
Think about what you are grateful for.
There have been a lot of stressful things happening in the world lately, so use this time to think about the good things in life. Cherish what you have.
Be patient with your family.
Sometimes family can be stressful and it can be overwhelming seeing people you haven’t seen in a long time. Just try to relax and keep your cool, you’ll thank yourself later.
Support the beavers!
As we all know, the civil war game is this Friday. Wish our team the best of luck and be sure to support our university in a respectful manner.
Don’t overspend your budget.
If you choose to participate in Black Friday holiday shopping, then maybe try making a budget ahead of time and plan to give yourself a reward if you stick to it.
Stay healthy and rested.
It can be easy during this time to over eat and forget to work out. Make a commitment to yourself to maintain a balance.
Do something fun that you wouldn’t normally have time for.
Read a book, do a puzzle, or play a board game with a friend or younger family member. Just do something that you haven’t in a while, I promise it will be fun!

Name: Ballroom Dance Club

Background: The exact date of when the club began is unknown but president, Christina Anttonen, tells me the club has been around for a long time. “If you look in the MU ballroom there is pictures hanging up of ballroom dances from the 50s!” – Chris

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 2.58.30 PM

Reason for recognition: This club is fun, easy to join, and well known for throwing big dances. In fact, there is one coming up! On November 22nd there will be a masquerade ball. Everyones invited!

Purpose of the club: The purpose of ballroom dance club is to teach and spread the love of dance. It is a very accepting and friendly atmosphere where nobody should be nervous. No prior dance experience needed, free, and open to public and people of all ages.

Accomplishment(s) in the community: For the past decade, Ballroom Dance Club has stayed committed to holding free weekly dance lessons.

Meeting time: Every Wednesday at 6:30 in Women’s Building lobby or room 116.

Contact Information: email at ballroomdance@oregonstate.edu or join on Facebook at Oregon State University Ballroom Dance Club.

A message from Jonathan Stoll:

What better way to capture what occurred during last year’s Halloween weekend, than with a poem:

16 students received medical transports for alcohol overdose, a few nearly died
Over 80 were cited or arrested, costing them over thousands of dollars in fines;

Too many children woken from their sleep
Too many broken, glass bottles left on our streets;

Expect an increased police presence this Halloween
Be safe, be respectful of your neighbors, and keep your record clean.

Given university, City of Corvallis, community and student interest and concern for student safety, the entire Halloween weekend will be the most observed set of days by university and Corvallis police and public safety.  Public safety officials, as well as Corvallis Police and Oregon State Police will be out in full force and monitoring our local community. OSU will be increasing public safety patrols and the Corvallis Police Department will have a Tactical Action Plan this weekend. Students should expect extra officers, bike officers, and more strict enforcement of livability related issues like ordinances for noise, public urination, providing alcohol to minors, minor in possession and other behavior that disrupts the peace and safety of the Corvallis community.

City codes and ordinances have been created to protect the health, safety, and quality of life for the citizens of Corvallis. We are members of both our Oregon State community and our Corvallis community. As members of the Corvallis community we each share the responsibility to comply with federal and state laws and our city’s codes and ordinances.

Breaking the law or violating a city ordinance is a violation of the OSU Student Conduct Code, and in addition to citation fines and fees, the university’s Student Conduct and Community Standards staff will initiate conduct proceedings that generally involve a hearing, investigation and university sanctions.

Behavior off-campus, during Halloween, and any time for that matter, may have life-long consequences. The university has worked collaboratively to provide expanded options of events and activities for all students to attend.  I encourage students to consider participating in one of these fun activities.

A few tips to ensure your safety without compromising your celebration and fun.



  • Keep the noise down; it’s the #1 reason police are called.
  • Have a guest list. You are responsible for your guests. Too many people equal trouble.
  • Be considerate of your neighbors. They have rights, just as you do. Respect theirs.
  • Expect an increased police presence this weekend.
  • Be safe and celebrate responsibly.



  • drink mysterious brews, like jungle juice and other mixed punches. These drinks are often made with hard alcohols and sugary mixers like juice and soda that mask the strength of the alcohol. They are high in alcohol percentage and can spike you
  • Serve alcohol to minors. Fines are up to $1,500.
  • Play loud music. If you can hear it outside, it’s too loud.
  • Wake up the baby. Keep the noise down, especially when you’re outside with friends in residential areas.
  • Binge drink. Alcohol poisoning can be life-threatening.
  • Think before you costume. Appropriate other cultures with offensive costumes.



Jonathan Stoll
Director, Corvallis Community Relations
Oregon State University

Club Name: Japanese Student Association

Background: JSA is an ISOSU affiliated student run club that was established to promote cultural exchange between Japanese and American students at OSU. The purpose of the club is to advance diversity in a multicultural world by becoming effective advocates, and empowering students to learn and engage in global responsibility and citizenship.

Reason for recognition: JSA has a strong presence in the OSU community and recently hosted the spectacular KAMUI & Mika Kobayashi special live performance.

Meeting time: Weekly meetings are held in the MU board room 221 Tuesdays at 6:00pm. Open to all OSU students who are interested in Japanese culture.

Contact Information:

Email: JapaneseAmericanStudent@oregonstate.edu

Facebook: Japanese Student Association OSU