Midterms are coming… Brace Yourself!

You guys know what time it is? It’s Midterm time! We all know it sucks so might as well be excited about it, eh?


By now, most of you probably already have your midterms or are about to have your first midterm of the term. We know it’s ruff studying for exams but study your heart out! It’s not too late to prop open those books! Don’t let the gloomy weather get in the way!

You got this, beavs! Good luck to y’all beavers out there! Stay strong and beBEAVERBOLD!

Audrey A. & Joyce L.

Last weekend, Gamma Alpha Omega, put up their 15th annual all university MLK Dance as a celebration to end the MLK week!


Before the dance started, a presentation was given to explain the roots of the sorority and how it ties back to the Devine 9 greek chapters, to which Martin Luther King belonged to, and to which Gamma Alpha Omegas are affiliated with.


Gamma Alpha Omega’s are a community service-based Latina organization. They do several service projects and campaigns through out the year. For example, they work together to raise awareness about AIDS for the Latino community around Corvallis.

The organization is planning to continue to work to fulfilling their mission of service.

Find out more about Gamma Alpha Omega’s by visiting their university page at http://stuorgs.oregonstate.edu/gao_kappa or contacting their recruiter directly at kappa@gammaalphaomega.com1

The Student Org Spotlight for this week goes to HHSA! Congratulations to the officers and members of the club who has contributed to making this club the way it is today!


  1. Name: Hip Hop Student Association at Oregon State University (HHSA)
  2. Reason for recognition: HHSA provides a platform for members to showcase their amazing skills. During the school year you can expect to see their members perform at many events. The association hosts workshops, weekly classes, open sessions, and meetings to build relationships with other clubs. The idea behind their meetings is to bring different people together to connect and discover their passion so that members may better themselves as individuals.
  3. Club Background: The Hip Hop Student Association at Oregon State University became an official club in Spring 2012.They strive to build a community of hip hop enthusiasts, who share the same love and passion as them. The following five principles are the foundations that the club is built on: peace, unity, love, having fun, and knowledge.
  4. Purpose of the club: Build the hip hop community and provide an outlet for students to express themselves in any form whether it be dance, art, or music.
  5. Involvement in the community: They participated in different cultural nights such as China Night, Hmong Night, and Vietnamese Night. They also participated in annual Dance Against Hunger fundraiser put on by FeelGood and Dance Marathon by Beavs Helping Kids to celebrate funds and awareness raised for Sacred Heart Medical Center.
  6. Interesting Facts: They attract a lot of international students. In fact, there are more international students in the organization than domestic students.
  7. Contact: For more information on OSU HHSA,
    follow them on their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/osuhhsa, or join their Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/255958814435203

Do you know a student org or club on campus who’s deserving to be in the spotlight? We need your help by nominating them!

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Celebrating Spirit of MLK Day with Community Service
Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which honors the noted civil rights activist who died with a spirit of service to the rest of humanity. This man worked constantly for the sake of improving the lives of others.
Credit: thefec.org

During your free time this term, do something that makes a difference for others and continue to spread the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.. #beBEAVERBOLD

Audrey A. & Joyce L.

Starting this Winter Term 2015, we have a created a new series called Student Org Spotlight! We are very excited for to launch this series and we hope you all are too!

This series will highlight student organizations and clubs at OSU that have gone above and beyond. This series is intended to help you guys discover clubs and organizations on campus that you may not have heard of.   Please support them by watching their video and leave a comment on the blog post and facebook that features them.

If you know of any clubs on campus that deserves to be recognized, we need your help by nominating them! Click here to nominate: http://sli.oregonstate.edu/webform/student-org-spotlight

Without further ado, we are happy to present the 1st club in the Student Org Spotlight:

  1. Name: Circle K International (CKI), a student led volunteer organization that participates in a variety of service projects in and around the Corvallis community.
  2. Reason for recognition: CKI is the largest student led service club in the world. They are a like-minded group of students who are passionate about helping others in the community. “We are always looking for new members to help volunteer in the wide range of projects we work on throughout the year.” –Jonathan Kopp, CKI president
  3. Club Background: CKI started back in 1937 as a way to provide leadership and service opportunities to students to better their careers. Now there are close to 14,000 members with many CKI organizations across the world. Circle K International is part of an umbrella of clubs run by Kiwanis International, the parent club that they work closely with.
  4. Purpose of the club: CKI is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world however they can.
  5. Involvement in the community: They participate in all kinds of service opportunities. They volunteer at local fun runs, the Linn Benton Food Share, Polar Plunge, Relay for Life, Earth Day Clean Up, fall/spring beach clean ups, and other events as well. They are currently working on a book drive to send books to kids in need in Africa, which will be taking place this term in the Corvallis community.
  6. Interesting Facts: Their two Kiwanis representatives bring delicious food to our weekly meetings for the members to enjoy.
  7. Contact: For more information on OSU CKI, email orstcki@gmail.com to be put on their listserve, or come say hi at one of their meetings (every week in MU 211 at 6:00 PM).


New Year, New Me? Expectation vs. Reality


Let’s face it: most people do not stick to their new year’s resolution. And from year to year, people don’t even give the trouble of making one. We all know that we may just end up bailing out on them because we often fail at making it happen by the 1st week, or the 2nd week, and so on.


But to some, the new year is a great starting point for those who are looking for a fresh start.

It is never too late to make some positive changes in your life! Go out and do something that you’ve always been wanting to do. And who knows, maybe you can scratch off some items from your bucket list!

Here’s quick 5 minute video that you should check out:

So whether you are a new year’s resolution goers or nayers, here’s to a great year 2015! #beBEAVERBOLD

Audrey A. & Joyce L.