Benny’s First Beer

Themes of this blog will be centered around beverages served around local bars, breweries, and coffee shops in the corvallis area. I will also occasionally feature a bar, brewery, and coffee house that is not in the Corvallis area.  This theme is very interesting to me because I enjoy a cold one with the boys, I thrive in a social environment, and I am high key addicted to caffeine and am not a human until I have consumed coffee in the morning.  In addition, I love exploring new places and establishments, and I love supporting local businesses. As a Communication and Marketing major, I love to identify what makes a business and its product appealing to the public and its consumers. Lastly, I think both coffee and beer are a crucial aspect of the college experience, as coffee is a necessity to function on little sleep, and beer serves as a tool to have fun, let loose, and meet new people.

My goal for this blog is to expand my experience with local breweries, try new beers expanding my taste pallet, support local businesses, highlight a variety of aspects of these establishments- the location, atmosphere, employees, types of people that it attracts, variety of beverages offered, prices, promotions, and technique of making and serving drinks.

The contents of this blog will be interesting to college students and young adults who can appreciate a good cup of coffee and can recognize a good tasting beer when they indulge in a refreshing beverage.  In addition to college age and young adults, I believe that anyone who drinks coffee or beer will find it useful, but due to featuring mostly bars, breweries, and coffee shops that are located close to the university, the reviews and different aspects that are explored will be most relatable to college students.

Existing blogs with a beer and/or coffee theme:

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