OSU College of Pharmacy 2019 White Coat Ceremony

On October 3, 2019, the College of Pharmacy welcomed the Class of 2023 into the OSU/OHSU Doctor of Pharmacy program at the 2019 White Coat Ceremony. Students were joined by family, who witnessed their student take the Pharmacist’s Pledge of Professionalism. Students were welcomed to the College and to the profession by College of Pharmacy faculty who also presented them with their first white coat.

Thank you to faculty members Drs. Lorinda Anderson, Natalea Braden-Suchy, Maude David, Greg Zumach, Phil Proteau, Andriy Morgun, Susan Morley, Stacey Olstad, Shannon Starwalt, Juancho Ramirez, BJ Philmus, Theresa Filtz, Kevin Brown and Taifo Mahmud.

Brian Hille (‘91), Vice President of Pharmacy for Albertsons-Safeway Pharmacy, spoke to the students about “knowing the impact you can make” by sharing stories from his career and how the profession is changing and how the students can help make those changes. Dr. Ben Kong (’12), recipient of the 2019 College of Pharmacy Outstanding Young Alumni Award, also addressed the students. Dr. Kong stressed the significance and responsibility of the white coat. He stated, “As we don our white coats here tonight, let it be a reminder that others are placing their trust in us to provide guidance and leadership.”

Thank you again to Albertsons-Safeway Pharmacy for the continued sponsorship of this event!

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