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Professional Day 2019

On Saturday May 18th, 2019 students, faculty, alumni and friends of the college gathered for the 6th annual OSU College of Pharmacy Professional Day. This event provides OSU pharmacy students (P1 & P2) a chance to network with pharmacy professionals from diverse practice settings and to learn about the numerous career paths available within the pharmacy profession.
The day began with the Entrepreneurial Academy business case competition in which two teams presented business plans, intended to be applied to an existing pharmacy business as an add-on service. The teams focused their proposals on topics related to women’s health services and a digital patient engagement tool.

The judging panel included Lincoln Alexander (’15), Joe Ennesser, Adriane Irwin, Brittany Kiso (’17), Kevin Russell (’93), and Vince Whiting.

Congratulations to the winning Business Case, HeRx and EA members Justin Donat (’22), Anas Hanini (’22), Jessica Hodgen (’22), and Kelli Thao (’22)!

Following the Business Case competition, the event transitioned to the Pharmacy Professionals Q&A Panel. This activity provides students with an opportunity to ask questions from a group of distinct pharmacy professionals, each with a wide range of backgrounds including managed care, ambulatory care, long term care, and retail pharmacy.

The panel included Amber Barni, Doug Butler (’89), Kristi Butler (’89), Jennifer Davis, Steven Grubman (’74), Kayla Grzybowski (’16), Steven Hall, Rikki Hanthorn (’14), Sean Karbowicz (’00), Dan Kennedy (’93), Michael Kiso (’17), Ben Kong (’12), Natasha Malik (’19), Zack McCall (’06), Anthony McKenzie (’18), Chris Mellon, Abby Miske (’13), Erin Nowak, Jared Okerson (’13), Stacey Olstad, Katherine Rowland (’19), and Amy Valdez (’99).

After the Q&A panel, students divided into small groups and participated in a “speed dating” style event with the professionals. These “Quick Conversations” gave students the opportunity to ask specific questions to each professional about their individual career path and interact in a smaller, timed setting.

Thank you to our guests, our student facilitators, Brielle Meeds (’21) and Madison Smith (’21), and to all who helped make this a successful event!

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