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2019 OHSU Faculty Senate Luncheon Awardee and Nominees- Drs. Gaurav Sahay, Arup Indra, Jessina McGregor and Craig Williams

(Left to Right: Jessina McGregor, Harleen Singh, Craig Williams, Arup Indra, & Gaurav Sahay)

Annually faculty members are recognized through the Faculty Senate Awards for their exceptional efforts in support of OHSU’s mission. Awards are made for contributions within the last five years in one of five categories: research, leadership, teaching, service, and collaboration. Award categories rotate every year so that each unit is nominating individuals in a new award category. This year, nominations were accepted for the award category of Collaboration.

The Collaboration Award recognizes a faculty member for their outstanding work through interprofessional education endeavors that involve common goals, coordinated effort and practice. Interprofessional achievements address team building and collaborative interprofessional care. The nominee is recognized for promoting a shared teaching environment that is likely to involve collaborative efforts of multi-units within the university and/or community partnerships. This collaboration has the potential to increase productivity, resources, motivation, creativity, and innovation. The award recognizes an individual who possesses knowledge and skill that enables them to work collaboratively with other health professionals with a high commitment to their interprofessional practice, education, and/or research.

Congratulations to Gaurav Sahay who won the Collaboration Award and
Arup Indra, Jessina McGregor, and Craig Williams for their nominations!

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