Howdy! Un viaje de nueve meses

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Howdy! Un viaje de nueve meses

Universidad de Cantabria, Santander

 spain 2Esta fotos son de Espana, y mi viaje de Europa. 

Many students are unable to have the experience to travel abroad; but I knew from a young age that was exactly what I was going to do when I got to college. My mom had always told me, that her worst regret in life was never  taking the time to live in another country… and voila! Here I am, 6 countries and an entirely different state later.

The OSU Santander program is outstanding: the teachers, host families and the city that has been chosen for the program is wonderful. And the amazing thing is, that  you really have to use Spanish to get around! There are many people that will not understand you if you try to speak in English… and do you know what? It’s actually refreshing! spain 1

 I mean, our first week out in the country, we were throwing spears at las Cuevas de Altimira. How much more exciting can it get?

spain 3

La bahia de Santander

  Oregon State has this fantastic program… and although here on the blog I will mostly post pictures of the trip, there are definite influences that my time spent in Spain still has on my life. For instance, my idea of government and lawmaking has become more openminded, after living in a country that was formerly communist, and is currently in a socialist democracy. Also, although I have always been an avid ‘new things’ person, it has helped make me more aware of how sheltered we really are in American culture, when it comes to eating, politeness, and the way we see the world.

Santander is really a beautiful city… and although  many people will compare it to Corvallis, there are definitely 200,000 residents living in this bayside metropolis. It’s the only true autonomy of Spain on the coast that still speaks the ‘true Spanish’ without any accent or changes to the language (like in the Basque country, for example).

Vista de la universidad de la cuidad

Vista de la cuidad, de la universidad

Santander is a town that the royals used to visit during the summer, because Santander doesn’t get the hot sun that graces the southern regions. Since it was ‘unsightly’ for the royals to have the tan, hardworking skin of the field workers, they came to the clouded in bay of Santander, feasted on the sardines of the Sardinero, and were entertained in El Casino.

El palacio de la Magdalena

El palacio de la Magdalena

spain 6

La playa Bikinis

All in all, the country is beautiful, and has such a rich history, that three months of living there is not enough to experience it. And although my host mother, Violeta has seen many students, she told me, when I said that I would someday be back, that she believed me. And I will…
spain 7


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