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Howdy! Un viaje de nueve meses

Texas A&M University

November 10, 2009
Austin, TX: The Texas State Capital
Spanish-American War Memorial
Heroes of the Alamo… and another day-to-day hero!
David Crockett is the top name on the list, and the men that he led… other names included James Bowie, on another of the pillars.
The door hinges on all the door in the Capital building
Orginally gas light fixtures, now electric but the same design in both the Senate and House hearing rooms.
Before… and After Texas became a state.
An original 19th Century fountain on the grounds; it still works!
The Freedom Tree


 The Texas State Senate
November 6, 2009
Halloween in College Station, TAMECT and More!
Halloween with a Fairy, and 80’s Fiend, and Vampire Victim
gig em medics
Soccer vs. TU; TAMECT Event
Varsity’s Horns weren’t sawed off… on a bad call! HSSSSSS!!!!
October 18th, 2009

The State Fair of Texas!

 Big Tex

Big Tex


Country Singer’s Divided… yet equally!


My partner in crime, Russel, testing out the Texas cotton…

The State Fair of Texas, from the Texas Star

View from the top of the Texas Star, the permanent Ferris Wheel at Fair Park.

October 2, 2009

Check out these AMAZING Aggies! Just proves that people have many, many talents…

 October 10, 2009

Pooh Bear makes it to yell practice!


And this song we sing so well... SOUNDS LIKE HELL! If you can imagine it, 78,000 Aggie fans sing a song at the beginning of the game (along with the football team), at the end of every quarter, and at the end of the game. It’s a fight song… about their rivalry with Texas University. It talks about how the eyes of Texas are watching this game, and we are going to saw the horns off the varsity team. As it turns out, TAMU has a rivalry with just about EVERY team it plays, judging from the verbal beating (What’s a BLAZER?) that the Yell Leaders (Got a story for ya, Ags!) lead every night at midnight before the home game, appropriately called yell practice. 25,000 students and fans go to Midnight Yell. 

And we thought we didn’t like the Ducks.


 Saw varsity's horns off... Saw Varsity's horns off- SHARP!!

    Turns out, the Aggies don’t like them either.

September 19th, 2009


Welcome to Aggieland


 Welcome to Aggieland… I knew the first day that we arrived in College Station, that it was going to be something; not better, not worse, just different. And boy, was I right.

 You see, becoming an Aggie isn’t just about switching to the semester schedule and taking classes. It’s learning a wildcat (A-A-A-Whoop!) for your particular class, knowing which grass to walk on, and which grass to leave in peace, how to get football tickets, fight off the MONSTROUS black crickets, learn the cheers, the call signs for the cheers, which bleachers you sit on at football games, as opposed to which ones you stand on, and how many maroon shirts you need to own. None of this includes the basic college necessities, like finding a good apartment, utilities, getting internet set up (PS, Comcast, I miss you!), and trying to find all new buildings.

 But the thing is, my first day of classes, armed with my schedule and map and feeling like a FISH (whatever that means, they just told me that’s what I looked like; I think it’s a freshman, fresh out of water)… and more people came up to me and helped me find my buildings than I had ever known in my entire life. I mean, picture this: I’m standing there, backpack off because the map is too big to carry while riding my bike, straddling my transportation apparatus, schedule with a reference to building abbreviations… and this lovely blond haired Aggie approaches and asks, “What building are ya’ lookin’ fer?”


 An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal, nor tolerate those that do. Although of course, not everyone can be held accountable to the Aggie Honor Code, many people just leave their bikes… locked… unlocked… just sitting on the street. Most places, within the first 5 minutes of class starting, it would be gone. But not at A&M.

 It’s definitely a different world. And as I continue to ride my commuter bike over the rediculous amount of pot holes on the campus streets while admiring the state of the art athletic facility and libraries… I know that there are many more suprises to be found in this corner of Texas.






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  • Patricia Sanders

    One of my favourite Aggie joke:
    A lucky Aggie won the Texas Lottery. When he went to collect his money they told him he wouldn’t get it in one
    lump sum and that it would be spread over 20 years.
    The Aggie erupted and said, “If that’s the case, then give me my dollar back!”

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