Howdy! Un viaje de nueve meses

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Howdy! Un viaje de nueve meses

About me…

So where does one start? Well, for beginners, I’m a 22 year old student currently enrolled in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University. After a start in the Animal Sciences program, with an option in Dairy and Leadership, I have found my home in BioResource Research, with an option in Toxicology, a minor in Chemistry and Spanish (both yet undeclared, for those thorough of you who have looked me up on the OSU website… or facebook for that matter!). I am considered an ‘untraditional’ student, because I took the first year out of highschool to travel around the state. I was involved with a leadership and agricultural organization called the National FFA Organization, and had the honor of serving as the Oregon State President for a year. Through that experience, I found my true passion.

I love people. I originally wanted to be an astronaut… no a ballerina (short lived)… a veterinarian… a marketing expert in the dairy industry… but after 3 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, watching a real-life C-section and getting to be the first person (scrubbed up, of course!) to hold a newborn baby in my hands, I knew where I was meant to be.

But of course, like every other student, that goal of being in the medical field is still very far away. And contradictorily, seems to get farther and farther away with each passing term. Classes have gotten harder, and the stakes higher. But at the same time, it’s what gives me the thrill of walking into the classroom; the challenge and the rush of newfound knowledge.

Romantic, right? Well, I guess that’s just the person that I am. I cry in chick flicks, I love a good trashy romance, to see the underdog win,the color pink and I try to find meaning and the good in all things. Also, just to keep ya’ll updated, I’m running in my first marathon this spring!


Santander, Cantabria, Espana


College Station, TX

Most of all, welcome to this insight of my crazy and slightly random consciousness. It’s a documented journal/memory of my two recent trips; one was spent in Santander, Spain, where I studied the Spanish language (naturally) and spent three months with a wonderful family named the Barcenillas. The second trip is currently in progress. The destination is College Station, Texas at Texas A&M University, and to be quite honest, I’m not quite sure what we will find! But I’m excited to let ya’ll know ALL about it.

Gig ’em!

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