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Howdy! Un viaje de nueve meses

Intercollegiate Quidditch Update!

November 24th, 2009 · No Comments · Uncategorized

quidditch2I finally did it! I made it to a Quidditch practice. It was a chilly Sunday afternoon, and what caught my attention as we were headed back from our EMT duties at the Aggie Volleyball game was the three rings, set up on Simpson Drill Field, for regular purposes, the intramural rec sports field. In a moment, I knew what I was looking at.

I found my seat on some high grass, and waited. After a few minutes the players began milling around on the fields, getting organzied into their teams. I was explaining the game to Russel (wait, how do I know how to play Quidditch again? Oh that’s right, I’m addicted to Harrry Potter), about the quaffles and beaters and chasers and bludgers… but then when I got to the part about the snitch (which is a golden ball with wings, very sneaky, that when caught signals the end of the game and the catching team is awarded 200 points, at least according to J.K. Rowling), I wasn’t quite sure how to translate that to actual play (that is, muggle quidditch). In a moment, we found out.

“THE SNITCH IS LOOSE!” the referee yelled out. The rest of the players all had their heads between their knees with their eyes shut. At the sound of the referee’s voice, a brightly dressed lad goes sprinting out of the field, and takes off across the parking lot. The snitch!quidditch1

Ahhh… what wonderful minds college students have… although running with brooms sounds vaguely dangerous…

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