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The Scariest Night in Aggieland

November 6th, 2009 · No Comments · Uncategorized

The Vampire and his Victim

The Vampire and his Victim

In Aggieland, if things are done, they are done big. I mean, we all know how Texans feel; but now with Aggies take it to the next level. The night of October 31st then, for example, is outrageous. Now pair that with Daylight Savings, and you have a 25 hour celebration! Russel and I were invited to a Halloween party, and gladly complied. Of course, we waited till the eleventh hour, when the Halloween Supply Store (Aggie Owned and Operated, of course) had been pillaged by other ghouls and goblins (and the run of the mill nurses, fairies and greek goddesses). What was left was wigs, fake blood, and mustaches… and this is what we came up with.

Jennifer’s Body, anyone? The reaction of our hosts at the party was priceless. I mean, not only did we just meet most of the guests at the party, but we also came in decked out. We definitely made a nice contrast to the 80’s workout fanatic and snake charmer, that’s for sure. Frieda Kahlo though, gave us a run for our money. But that was the best thing about the night! It wasn’t a Halloween where some people got dressed up and others didn’t, people made the effort to have a good time. After the party, we headed to Northgate, which was suprisingly empty; until we got to Daisy Dukes. There, we saw a chicken dancing with a Angelina Jolie, an adorable WWII nurse and sailor, I found Waldo (several times) and a cellphone. I think my favorite thing about Halloween is to buy into the fun. Instead of a person dressed up as a ghost, it’s Casper. LOVE IT.
After dancing our shoes off with the rest of the crowd, we headed out of Daisy Dukes. That’s when it struck us that Daylight Savings was in effect. Northgate, which 2 hours previous had barely held fifty people now was PACKED. northgateIt was fun to be able to go out and see what everyone’s levels of creativity were. I will say though, the best costume that I think I have ever seen was worn last year by an OSU student who was dressed as a jellyfish (that’s Scyphozoa in the Phylum Cnidaria, for us biology fiends). And as this jellyfish floated by me, surrounded by layers of sparkly tulle and ribbons, I was completely impressed. But the Aggies definitely put that costume, and my creative skills to the test.
The one group that both Russel and I have gotten involved with is the TAMEmergency Care Team. Texas A&M is not fortunate enough to have the local fire department right across the street to answer to medical calls on campus within a short response time. So they responded with providing their own EMTs and first responders to support them. They also have their own ambulance, fondly dubbed ‘the Tambulance’. As a ‘medic’ in the club, we are responsible for assisting the EMTs (from Basics through Paramedics) at different campus events. We practice dealing with patients, taking vital signs, and dealing with injuries. It’s a great way to break yourself through into the medical world, and get to see (if you are lucky and the patient is unlucky) some pretty cool medical situations. tamectFortunately, nothing serious occurs frequently. Most of the time, it’s dealing with heatstroke at the football games, and twisted ankles from the bleachers. The best part about it, is that we get to see the events we work at for free! You see, here at A&M, our student tickets to events are not included in our tuition. We have to pay for tickets separately. We had the choice of buying football tickets, not football athletic tickets, or both together. Since we just bought football tickets, that means that we have to pay a few dollars everytime we want to go see a volleyball or basketball game. With TAMECT, it’s great! We’ve been able to watch soccer, volleyball and basketball. And fortunately, the fans are a little less rambunctious than at football, so we rarely have any serious medical conditions to deal with… so we have been able to watch the team ‘saw varsity’s horns off’ more than once! The biggest thing though, especially for pre-med students who don’t do ANYTHING by the way of medical until they actually reach medical school, is that we are provided with some good first responder training, and if we choose, can work toward the EMT Basic qualifications.

In the 11 weeks that I’ve been at Texas A&M, I really have had the opportunity to learn a lot about myself. For example, I’ve found that I definitely study better when there is no noise, sound, computers, cooking, or vacuuming around to distract me. It’s definitely been a challenge; I thought after coming back from Spain it would be easy to come down to College Station and focus solely on school… but then I joined the Triathalon team, the Trap and Skeet Team, and the TAMU Emergency Care Team. I think it’s just ingrained in me to ‘be a part’ of lots of things. The problem is, college is hard. I know, I know, most people figure this out their freshman year of college, but for me, it’s definitely my junior. For the first time, I’m struggling with tests, classes and managing my time. I’m trying (and sometimes failing) to grasp concepts that I’m supposed to be learning in class… and after a first bad test score, let me tell you, whips you into shape. College is supposed to be hard; after this, they are letting us loose on the world, with them to blame when we make the mistakes. Whether we become doctors, lawyers, construction managers or engineers, the health of that patient, the case of that client, and the sturdiness of the building falls back to them and the efficiency and thoroughness with which they taught us. I’m just starting to really understand just why I have to  know that Animalia are differentiated by other organisms by multicellularity, their state of ingestive heterotrophs, nerves and muscles and lack of cell walls. It’s important. Maybe not 20 years in the future, but it’s something that we can look back to, even if it’s just when our kids ask us, “Mommy, why…?” But many of these skills and the knowledge lead us to a better understanding of how life works.

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