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Unexpected Qualifications

Posted by: | July 5, 2009 | 1 Comment |

Over the past couple of weeks I have come to realize that many events in my life have helped to prepare me for this adventure to the Bahamas.  None of  these experiences were conscious decisions I made in order to make myself more eligible for the job, but are  proving to be very useful now.  I’d like to give just a couple examples. 

 #1-  I have found that the many years of ballet I took since the age of 5 are very helpful in keeping myself on the boat.  Docking  can be a series of dance moves that involve tip toeing my way to the bow, leaping to the dock, and tying a quick knot; all the while making sure to avoid cleats, ropes, massive splinters, and an unexpected plunge into the ocean. 

#2- Just this past year I started doing some rock climbing at OSU’s recreation center with my roommate.  I’ve found the same skills involved in scaling a large rock can be just as handy when dragging myself along the bottom of the ocean against a ripping current. 

#3- I’ve always loved riding the mechanical bulls at county fairs.  I’ve ridden horses my entire life and I would often make bets with unknowing boys that I could stay on the bull longer than they could.  It is amazing how similar staying on a bucking, mechanical bull is to riding on the bow of a boat through the wind and the waves.

#4-  My favorite pastime is a competition on horseback called team penning. It involves herding three specific cows into a pen in less than a minute and a half.  To accomplish this is it crucial to know how a cow reacts to your horse and how to use that knowledge to move the cow where you want it to go.  I’ve found this skill to be amazingly helpful when catching lionfish.  Lionfish move about the same way a cow does when reacting to the placement of a net. For example if the net is placed behind the fish, it will likely move forward. Put the net in front of the fish and it will come to a stop and likely turn around.  When catching and moving over 40 lionfish in a single day, this skill has become extremely valuable. 

The whole point of this post was to show that I was more eligible for this job than I initially thought.  When first applying for this internship I wasn’t sure I’d have much to offer, being that I was a Freshman with no lab experience.  I wonder how many people don’t apply for something because of a lack in education or training.  I think people have more to offer than they know and sometimes the only thing stopping them from achieving that dream job, internship, or scholarship is the failure to turn in the application.

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1 Comment

  1. By: Robynne on July 6, 2009 at 10:12 am      

    We are so jealous of you, Emily. Makes us remember all our experiences working the Great Barrier Reef on dive boats and then the Channel Islands off Ca.

    Thes blogs of yours might be dangerous reading for David…he’ll want to pack us up immediately for warmer climes.

    You have an incredible opportunity there and we know you’ll take every advantage of it!! Keep the details coming. We’re loving it.

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