Oregon State University ASSP Student Chapter

Section of the Columbia ­Willamette Chapter, American Society of Safety Professionals

Bylaws Oregon State University Student Section

of the Columbia ­Willamette Chapter Bylaws Adopted: June 1st, 2018



Section 1.    The name of this Section shall be the Oregon State University Section of    the Columbia ­Willamette Chapter, American Society of Safety Professionals.

Section 2. Hereinafter, the Oregon State University Section shall be referred to as the Section, the American Society of Safety Professionals shall be referred to as the Society. The Columbia­Willamette Chapter shall be referred to as the Chapter, the Area Operating Committee shall be referred to as the AOC, the Regional Operating Committee shall be referred to as the ROC, and the Oregon State University shall be referred to as the School.



Section 1. The purposes  of this Section shall be to promote the advancement of the  safety profession and safety education and to foster the professional well­being and development of its members within its campus and community.

Section 2.       In fulfilling its purposes, the Section shall have the following objectives:

  • To further the professional preparation of the members by sponsoring programs for the advancement of safety and acquisition of technical knowledge.
  • To improve scholarship and the general quality of work in the Safety Profession by fostering a concern for progress in all areas of safety, among safety educators and practitioners.
  • To encourage greater professional and social cooperation and interaction among students of safety and allied fields and disciplines.
  • To unite the resources and skills of students and faculty in programs to benefit Section members, the school and its community.
  • To assist the Society in the development of effective and relevant educational programs for the preparation of future safety professionals.
  • To provide encouragement and support to society student activities and foster student member development and retention on its local campus.
  • To promote participation and entrance into safety/health careers by college students.

Section 3. Nothing in these Bylaws is intended to substitute for, or supersede, rules or procedures established by the school that impact upon the Student Section.



Section 1. Membership in Oregon State University’s ASSP Student Section is open to all Student Members of the Society, who are enrolled at Oregon State University in a program that is relevant to Occupational Safety and Health.

Section 2.        Section membership is personal and non­transferable.

Section 3. Section members are eligible to  vote  on  all  matters brought before them.  A majority affirmative vote is necessary for action unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws.

Section 4. Student membership is contingent upon the student maintaining good academic standing with the school, maintaining good status with the Society, and  following the good conduct principles of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised. Suspension or expulsion may occur for violations of this clause.

Section 5.  The  process  for suspension or expulsion will follow Robert’s Rules of Order,  Newly Revised “Chapter 15, Discipline”.

Section 6. Membership shall not be denied to any student based on differences in age, color, ethnicity, national origin, gender, physical or mental ability, religion, socioeconomic background, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, genetic information, and marginalized group status.



Section 1.  The Section is a subdivision of the Columbia Willamette Chapter, formed   and operated by ASSP Student Members attending Oregon State University..

Section 2. The Section  shall  have  and maintain a minimum of ten (10) members in  order to maintain its charter.

Section 3. In order to maintain its charter, the  Section  shall  identify  an  advisor  (defined in Article V, Sec. 3) and shall provide the Chapter and Society annually with information on the advisor’s name, address and telephone number.

Section 4. Formation and maintenance of the Section charter is based on requirements  and guidelines set forth in the Chapter Administration Guide, and is subject to the approval of the Chapter and the appropriate ROC.

Section 5. The Section  may  be  dissolved  by  the Chapter and/or the ROC, if such  action is deemed to be in the best interests of the Chapter and Society. Voluntary dissolution of the Section shall be by two­thirds of Section members after a 30­day advance written notice by the Section Executive Committee. Voluntary dissolution is subject to the approval of the Chapter and ROC. Upon dissolution, all Section funds and assets shall be returned  to the Chapter, school, ASSP Foundation or other ASSP entity, depending on the funding source.

Section 6. The Section fiscal year shall begin on July 1 and end June 30. The Section activity year shall begin on July 1st and end June 30th.



Section 1.       Elected Section officers shall be:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer


Section 2.       Any student member of the Oregon State University ASSP Student Section in good standing is eligible to be elected for an Elected Section officer position.

Section 3.       Duties of officers:


  1. The President shall call, set agendas for, and preside at meetings of the Executive Committee, and preside and set agendas for meetings of the Section membership; shall set goals and objectives for the Section and provide leadership, guidance and direction to officers, committees and members to see that they are met; shall appoint members of the Nominating Committee; shall serve as chief spokesman and representative of the Section to the Chapter, Society and allied groups; and shall submit an annual report of Section activities to the Chapter and Student Member Activity Task Force.
  2. The Vice President shall succeed to the office of the President if the President is unable to serve; shall act for the President when requested to do so by the Executive Committee or members; shall supervise the work of Section appointed committees; shall assist the meeting work and connecting work with outside resources; shall assist the membership recruiting work and shall in general prepare to ascend to the Section Presidency in the following year.
  3. The Secretary shall record, transcribe and distribute minutes of all Section meetings, prepare and distribute meeting notices, maintain all Section records and conduct Section membership development and retention activities under the supervision of the Executive Committee.
  4. The Treasurer shall collect and disburse all Section funds, maintain Section financial records including all income and expense activities, collect Section­ generated membership fees and dues, handle all Section liaison with financial institutions, submit an annual report of all Section financial activities to the Executive Committee, and keep the Section and Chapter regularly informed as to the Section’s financial status.

Section 4. There shall be a Section advisor who shall be an ASSP member who is a faculty member of the school where the Section is located. The advisor shall be an ex­officio member of the Section Executive Committee, and shall serve as liaison between the Section, appropriate school officials, and the Chapter. The advisor shall approve Section activity and financial reports, fundraising activities, and be consulted on all matters relating to Section dues, fees and Bylaws. The advisor shall ensure that Section activities do not violate School rules and regulations governing on­campus clubs, groups and activities. The advisor shall annually  review the Bylaws, risk assessment, and any other Section governing documents to ensure compliance with School rules. The advisor shall be informed of all events and activities planned by the section, and ensure appropriate use of the School name and trademarks associated with the student organization and its activities.



Section 1. Elected Section officers and the Section  advisor  shall  make  up  the  Executive Committee, which shall govern the Section according to these Bylaws and within the authority delegated to it by Section members.

Section 2. The Section shall have a Nominating  Committee,  appointed  by  the  President, for the purpose of developing a slate of Section officers annually for member election. The committee shall consist of three Section  members, at least one of whom shall be a current or past Section officer. The committee shall elect its own Chairperson.

Section 3. Other Section committees may be appointed by the Section President.



Section 1.  The  Nominating  Committee  shall be appointed by the President annually   for the purpose of recommending a slate of one or more nominees for each Section elective office. Publication of the slate, including background and qualifying information on each nominee, shall be completed during Week 6 of the Oregon State University Spring Academic Term. The election for the succeeding Section activity year shall be completed during Week 8 of the Oregon State University Spring Academic Term, and installation of newly elected officer shall occur before the end of the Academic Year.

Section 2.       The term of service for officers shall be for one (1) Academic Year from the beginning of Oregon State University Summer Academic Term until the following Oregon State University Spring Academic Term.

Section 3.       Any Section member may submit a signed petition nominating one or more members for elective office. The petition shall be accompanied by a written acceptance by the nominee(s) and shall be submitted to the Nominating Committee Chairperson during Week 5 of Oregon State University’s Spring Academic Term before the elections is conducted.

Section 4.    All Section members shall be given the opportunity to vote on the election   of officers, through written ballots distributed on campus, online, and/or at a Section meeting.

Section 5. Three Section members, who are neither candidates for elective office, nominating committee members, nor current Section officers, shall be appointed as Tellers to count ballots, confirm the propriety of election/nomination procedures, and announce election results. If Three Section members are not available to perform this action, the Faculty Advisor may do so.

Section 6. Elected Section officers may be removed by majority vote of  Section  members at any regular or special meeting upon presentation of a signed petition from the Section Executive Committee or 3 Section members. Notification of such meeting shall be made to all members at least fifteen(15) days in advance of the meeting. Appointed Section officers may be removed by the officer who appointed them, or by the Section Executive Committee.

Section 7.   Vacancies in elected Section offices occurring during the elected term shall  be filled by the succession designated in Art. V, Sec. 1. The resulting vacancy in the office of Treasurer shall be filled by affirmative vote of a majority of Section members upon a nominating slate of one or more candidates submitted by a special 3 member Nominating Committee appointed by the President. The election shall be held at a regular or special Section meeting, notice for which shall be published at least fifteen (15) days in advance.



Section 1.   Section members shall be assessed an annual student member renewal fee    by the Society as determined by ASSP’s Board of Directors. Fees shall be paid annually on the anniversary of the Student Member’s election date.

Section 2. The Section may assess its members additional annual fees and dues, upon recommendation of the Section Executive Committee and approved by a majority of Section members voting at a meeting where a quorum is present.

Section 3. The Section Executive Committee, through the Section Treasurer, is responsible for all Section financial activities, under guidelines established by the Society, Chapter, these Bylaws, and the Section Executive Committee.

Section 4. The Section shall provide an annual financial  report  to  the  Chapter,  Regional Operating Committee, and Student Member Activity Task Force, describing all Section income and expense activities for the preceding twelve (12) months. This report shall be reviewed and signed by  the Section Advisor and submitted to the Chapter by July 15.



Section 1.    The Section Executive Committee shall meet upon the call of the President  or upon a majority vote of its members.

Section 2. The Section shall hold at least six (6) meetings of its members during each Academic Year, to acquaint them with its activities and conduct necessary business. Two­thirds of present Section members at a meeting shall constitute a quorum.

Section 3. Special meetings of Section members may be called  by  the  Section  Executive Committee or by written petition of ten (10) members, submitted to the Section President.

Section 4. Section member meetings and votes shall be required to accomplish the following actions: amendment of these Bylaws, establishment of or change in Section dues or fees, removal of elected officers or general members, and Section dissolution.

Section 5. Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the transactions of business at Section meetings, unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws.



Section 1. Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed by the Section Executive Committee or by written petition of at least seven (7) members. Amendments proposed by members shall be presented to the Section Executive Committee.

Section 2. Amendments shall be published at least fifteen (15) days in advance of the meeting at which action will be taken on them.

Section 3. Amendments shall be voted  on  at  a  regular  or special Section meeting  where a quorum is present. A majority two­thirds affirmative vote is required for approval.

Section 4.   All amendments approved by Section members are subject to approval of    the Chapter Executive Committee and Regional Vice President.