Jun 28 2011

June 28th 2011

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June 28th 2011

Today we celebrated the birthday of Luke Marquez (Director of PR) and Amelia Harris (Director of Services).

This was a monumental bonding experience for the cabinet, office mates, and faculty. We ate cake like Marie Antoinette (Google this reference if your unfamiliar), and had innocent fun and banter.

We made buttons with slogans of Luke and Amelia’s famous lines and quotes they have uttered throughout the summer, and wore them as we celebrated their birth.

Such as:

“Youuuu Guyssss” -Amelia

“I make money and save money” – Luke

I’m sure they have grown as individuals as we have grown as a collective unit in this short time we have gotten to know them.

But on behalf of the ASOSU Cabinet we wish them a Happy Birthday!

Feliz Cumpleanos.

May the best of your today’s, be the worst of your tomorrows


Executive Secretary & Visionary

You may say that I’m a dreamer , but I’m not the only one.


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Jun 27 2011

June 27th 2011

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Tonga and I reminisced about the Original creed and words of our founding fathers at OSU. (Pictured)

This past and history fuels inspiration and connects students with the monumental tradition that was laid down before them.

This is the type of original sublime words of wisdom and slogans that represent Oregon State which we would like to bring back.

We are looking on putting up the original creed’s around buildings on campus for everyone to bask in their glory and learn from the original motto’s that laid the foundation which we walk upon.

“I believe in the magnificence of tomorrow”


Executive secretary & Visionary

You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.


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Jun 24 2011


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“I believe in the magnificence of tomorrow.” —OSU Creed

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Jun 24 2011


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How do we end up where we are today?

This question always races through my mind when I think about life and its consequences.

Today, I gave a speech at START to incoming first-year Beavers. I am not one to enjoy the limelight often, yet during that quick, nervous speech, I realized that these students were just like me when I began my journey here at OSU: lost (mentally and physically at times), confused, but overall excited for the future.

Fortunately, that sense of confusion, of being lost, and of excitement has yet to leave me – especially today as I write this post.

My name is Sokho, and I am grateful and humbled to be serving the students of Oregon State University with Tonga and the rest of the ASOSU Executive Branch. I have had the opportunity to work in several different places on campus learning what it means, to me, to be responsible, accountable, and reliable. With every new experience, I reaffirm my understanding that with every day comes new opportunities to explore, to grow and to better our selves as individuals and as a community. I do not know everything about our beloved campus, but I do know one thing: I will be there for those who need a helping hand. We are in this journey together, and for this year, during my time as Vice President, I have the honor to be there for any student – for all students, who need someone listen and to act accordingly. I do not know what the future holds, but I do know that together, as one campus, we can strive towards a future united.

My given name, Sokho, is derived from the Pali word “Sukha” or happiness.

If there is one thing I have learned in these past few years, it would be to do what makes you happy – enjoying life to the fullest as time slowly trickles down towards our graduation. With every passing day, we have the ability to reach out, to help and to become a greater part of this every changing campus. Being happy, being content, and being an active, participating member of our university will be the catalysts of the many memories that we will make during our short time here at Oregon State University all the more memorable.

Sometimes we get caught up in the small thing that life throws at us – things that we, as students, and essentially as humans, fret over. But we will eventually forget this times: that late paper, the failed quiz, or missed opportunity to go to office hours, date with a potential partner, or chance to socialize. If I am sure about one thing, I am sure that eventually we will fade into the memory of this campus – a part of this school’s long and rich history.

Looking at pictures, talking to alumni, and reading about our school, I think to myself, what have we done to add to this school’s history? What tradition have we added? What traditions have we carried on with pride and integrity? How will our actions be remembered?

We may not be perfect (hence the term student), but knowing who we are and where we come from carries its weight in gold. It is all that we have – it is what makes us unique as individuals, as Beavers and as members of a thriving, ever-changing, dynamic community.

My favorite spot to sit and think is up on the 5th floor rotunda in the Valley Library. If you have yet to experience this -go up there, sit at a table and look out at the vale of beautiful mountains that surrounds our school. One day, when we look back at our time here, we want to remember those times we enjoyed. Those shady slopes. The countless hours we spend walking OSU’s pathways after studying. We remember the friends, the mentors, and the people who shaped our lives.

When thinking about how we end up where we are and about who we are, we think back to where we studied at, where we worked, where learned and grew.

When I get carried back to OSU, I want to be able to reminisce with pride and to look at what we were able to shape – united, and as one.

Alma mater calls,

Together we can make a difference.

Sokho Eath

ASOSU Vice President 2011-2012

Oregon State University

Within a vale of western mountains,
There’s a college we hold dear.
Her shady slopes and fountains
Oft to me appear.
I love to wander on the pathway
Down to the Trysting Tree,
For there again I see in fancy,
Old friends dear to me.
Carry me back to OSU,
Back to her vine-clad halls;
Thus fondly ever in my mem’ry
Alma Mater calls.”


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Jun 24 2011

June 24th 2011

First START info fair!

The Executive cabinet had a great time and we had the opportunity to meet a lot of young enthusiastic people. We are hoping we get some students interested in leadership and involvement at ASOSU!


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Jun 24 2011


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Greetings Friends, Family, Classmates and Comrades,

First and foremost, let me introduce myself. My name is Milikaleakona Hopoi but I adoringly go by Tonga on campus. My parents are immigrants from the Kingdom of Tonga and I am the first in the family to attend higher education. My grandparents were farm workers in the fields of Tonga and their parents before them the same, I am the first of many in my family. From my family, my culture and my friends I was able to find the strength and courage to run for ASOSU president with the Sokho Eath as ASOSU Vice-president. It seems to have been only a dream that we sat, discussed our issues on campus and trusted that together we can make a difference… it was from our passion to help others that we chose to rise above the crowd and run for a position that seemed only as a dream before. After elections, campaigning and debating; Sokho and I were elected April 26th as the ASOSU president and vice president. It was a day I will never forget and I’ve been living in that euphoria ever since, to know that I finally belong somewhere and it’s because we all have the same dream: to help students be successful because I know all too well what it means to struggle here and I just wanted to let other students know that they are not alone. Sokho and I are here, ASOSU is now here for them and our success towards graduation.

From winning the election and going through the process of hiring our Cabinet, Sokho and I were very clear that the only way to support students altogether is to hire from corners around campus that have not traditionally been involved with ASOSU. Our idea was to cast a net on campus and bring in the involved, spirited and passionate group to walk with us in this dream we’ve created since announcing our campaign for ASOSU office. The success that I saw was that Sokho and I were able to hire a group that represented not only different corners of campus involvement but cultural and community groups. I will be able to express my gratitude to each and everyone of the Cabinet members that have chosen to take this journey with Sokho and I this new year, everyday they come into the office… I am always grateful. It’s a big decision to choose to work for ASOSU because you have chosen to put other people’s needs before your own and that their best interest is your main interest, it’s a lot of giving for one person to do but the rewards are limitless and the life experience gained is invaluable. I knew this from my year here but I couldn’t explain it to the Cabinet for them to know that I’m grateful for their commitment so everyday I try to show it by explaining events and activities that ASOSU is involved in just so they know, there’s always a bigger purpose. Going into our third week of working together, I feel like the Cabinet (those with ASOSU and non-ASOSU background) is beginning to realize they all belong here. That maybe before they were unsure about joining but that each and every one of them have great potential here at ASOSU and it’s to help those who struggle to be successful here at Oregon State University but not only help them directly but change institutional policy to ensure that others do not endure the same pains. That is all ASOSU, helping students be successful and changing policies to reflect it because students know all too well what it means to struggle and our struggles are all very different but one thing for sure is that we all have the rights as students paying dues to be successful and graduate. ASOSU should ensure that, Sokho and I have built a Cabinet that willingly believes in the values of all students from all backgrounds and the diversity of our struggles to move us all one step closer to believing and realizing that we (students) matter and are the number one priority of this University. No question about it.

As members of ASOSU, it is our duty to hold others accountable who do not see students as priority. It is our duty and our oath to uphold that students from all corners of campus are supported and all those who support students feels supported as well. We are all one heart, with valves all throughout campus and the only way we function is by all supporting one another and believing in the one truth that is “students success is priority”… then we beat on another day, another quarter, another year.

As president, my goal is to make sure conversations happen to support one another in terms of administration, faculty, professional and support staff so that healthy change and lasting relationships are sustained around the focus that “students success is priority”. Students should never be waiting if we can give them the change and support they need today, students should never wait when success is a program, scholarship or new classroom building away. I say this with utmost integrity that I will do my best this year to ensure that students of all backgrounds and struggles are supported to find their way to walk the stage at graduation.

In the end we can only do what we can but we should always attempt to do the most when it comes to helping other because a life that is supported or feels safer is a lifetime of love in any community. I wish my grandparents can see me now, that I’m living what they’ve always told me “Treat others as you would harvest the Earth, you love and tend the soil for it’s fruits will give you life”.

If you see ASOSU around campus, come over and say Hi… chances are, we have class together or know of someone in common… or if anything, we go to the same school 🙂

With warm regards,

M. Tonga Hopoi

ASOSU Madam President 2011-2012

Oregon State University


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Jun 24 2011

May The Force Be With You

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The ASOSU Cabinet’s very own Luke Marquez (Director of Public Relations) was featured on the school newspaper.

He was asked about what he was doing this summer and responded with a stern response.

Hopefully his leadership and job title means more to him than a paycheck, which seems very evident from the captured quote.

Money talks, and is a language we all speak.

Carry on and may the force be with you Luke.


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Jun 23 2011

June 23rd 2011

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The ASOSU Cabinet is seen pictured in front of the plaque, a symbol of our heritage and a proclamation towards unity and equality.

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Jun 23 2011

June 23rd 2011

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The ASOSU Cabinet took a tour of the campus and expored the rich history of Oregon State University.

To our surprise, the university was founded to support the “Industrial Class” in their pursuit of knowledge. As education at the time was only available to the wealthy elite, OSU provided the necessary bridge to educate the lower/middle class.

This brings pride to know where your roots lye, and to know that our university is built upon equality, where anybody and everybody should be born with right to an education.

For more information read the above plaque, (pictured) which is found in the OWEN building on OSU campus. It is located on the east wall of the tall smokestack that used to power the university.


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Jun 21 2011

June 21st 2011

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The ASOSU Cabinet started training for START programs.

We will be sharing the mission, spirit and initiatives of ASOSU and convey opportunities to get involved to the future generation of students & leaders.


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