Sep 09 2011

Staff Training

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Getting ready for staff training!

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Aug 25 2011

ASOSU Cabinet at the Student Sustainability Center

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Aug 23 2011

Ramadan Fast-A-Thon

Mission statement:

The Ramadan fast-a-thon will be for others to realize the sacrifice of food, whether for religious purposes or forced by economic situations. By fasting as a community for one day, and then coming together to break our fast, we will better understand the spiritual conditions among the Muslim population and respect and assist them. The final banquet at the end of the day will be our time to unite as a community and feast while bringing donations for those who fast everyday without any choice of their own.

Date: August 23rd @ 7:30 pm

Location: MU109

Price: FREE (Optional donation of non-perishable food item will be accepted by the Human Services Resources Center)

Free food will be provided

Come feast after fasting, and take part in the experience of better understanding Muslims and the spiritual community as a whole.

We will break bread and then have an in depth discussion to demystify Ramadan. (The Muslim Holy month)

A brief talk and student panel will be held about Ramadan after dinner.



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Aug 04 2011

August 4th 2011

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The ASOSU executive cabinet took a tour of the OSU archives and Linus Pauling special collections.

This was a very eye opening experience, where we got to take an in depth examination of Linus Paulings life.

Everything from his birth in Portland to his eventual donation of his Nobel Peace Prize to OSU, in his later days, were covered and described as we got to look at his work environment and saw a montage of photographs depicting his life time line.


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Jul 23 2011

July 20th – 22nd 2011

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The ASOSU executive cabinet visited the University of Washington, to extend our hand and learn their structure of student government. We learned a lot and made many connections with their method of government at U.W. to our own method of madness. We compared and contrasted what worked and what didn’t in terms of advocating for students.

We were even fortunate enough to take a tour of the campus on the outskirts of beautiful Seattle, Washington.

A truly inspiring experience.


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Jul 07 2011

July 7, 2011

the ASOSU Cabinet got a chance to have lunch with the folks over at the Memorial Union Building Services.  It was a great opportunity to create relationships with the very people who work tirelessly to maintain various buildings on campus, as they make anything possible especially for the team at ASOSU.

During this event, two Presidential Proclamations were given; one to “The Dream Team”, also known as the MU Facilities staff for all the hard work and dedication they have shown throughout the years.  The second was given to “The Man Behind the Magic” Sid Cooper, the Assistant Director of MU Building Services, for always helping turn dreams into realities.


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Jul 07 2011


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Earlier today, Tonga, Ravi and I were up on the 6th floor of Kerr Administration. All business aside, the three of us decided to pay a visit to our Provost, Sabah Randhawa, when we stumbled upon a framed poster of the OSU Creeds.

To have this up on the 6th floor of Kerr Administration amazed us and created a delightful conversation amongst the group. I took a picture for safekeeping in hopes that one day we can have our own framed poster of the Creeds.

Although the story of the Creeds up on the 6th floor of Kerr is a great story, the Creeds themselves inspired not only us, but someone else this very same day. I consider this fateful coincidence as sign that our passions and our missions carry the same weight across all of campus.

On a day like any other for all of OSU (a Friday to say the least!) our friends and compatriots across campus in the Memorial Union blogged about the OSU Creeds.

Here is an excerpt:

In a recent post about ASOSU Cabinet blog, there was a mention of the OSU Creed.  I got a few comments asking about the Creed.  The OSU Creed was written by Edwin T. Reed in 1927-1928 (at that time it would have been the OAC Creed, for Oregon Agricultural College).  He stated that he was drawing “heavily on ideas that had been submitted as the result of a contest sponsored by theOAC Alumnus.”  Reed served as Publications editor for the college from 1912-1943.  Above is an image of a calligraphy version of the Creed that hung in the Memorial Union for several years.  Below is a photograph of the Memorial Union Commons food court from about 1960.  You can see at the top of the photo are some carved wooden panels.  There was a series of panels along the west side that depicted the OSU Creed.  They were removed in 1994 when the Commons was renovated.  They are currently in storage (see photo of ASOSU President Tonga and panels of the OSU Creed below).  The Creed has not been used much in the last 15-20 years because the language used seems outdated.

Here is the OSU Creed:

I believe in Oregon State,

Builder of men and women,

Seeker after truth,

Organized for the service of a great commonwealth.

I believe in her traditions,

A heritage from the deeds and dreams of yesterday;

In her sportsmanship and honor,

A reality with the students of today;

In her aspirations and ideals,

The assurance of a magnificent tomorrow.

I believe in her democracy

And her far-reaching bond of Beaver brotherhood;

And I realize that since she has accepted me as a Beaver,

If I degrade myself, I degrade her,

As I honor myself, I honor her.

I therefore pledge to her, my Alma Mater,

My loyalty, my love and my devotion.

The power of words can be a very strong tool and for both of us to have this coincidence is symbolic of our work. We all believe in Oregon State, as workers, as builders and as students striving for the far-reaching bonds fostered by our strength and our will succeed as Beavers.

Alma mater calls, Together we can make a difference.

Sokho Eath

ASOSU Vice President 2011-2012

Oregon State University


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Jul 07 2011

The 2011-2012 ASOSU Executive Cabinet: our first official portrait together.

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Left to Right, Back

Executive Director of Services Amelia Harris

Executive Director of Government Relations Ravi Patel

Chief of Operations Andy Derringer

Executive Director of Finance Conrad Bockhop

Executive Secretary Ali Godil

Executive Director of Campaign Resources Alfredo Najar

Executive Director of Public Relations Luke Marquez

Executive Director of Diversity Programs Patricia Lim-Pardo


Madame President Tonga

Vice President Sokho Eath


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Jul 07 2011

On July 7th 2011

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We celebrated the official Inauguration of Patricia Lim-Pardo into her office of Director of Diversity programs.

In the ceremony she vowed to hold up the values and initiatives of her position to the best of her ability.

We are honored to have her apart of our team and we know that she will fulfill her duties with excellence.

Our team has flourished as each person has contributed and interwoven to work together seamlessly. Just as pieces of puzzle are each unique and different but fit together with others in order to serve the bigger picture.
We serve the students.


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Jul 07 2011

July 7, 2011

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Cabinet members took a tour of the beautiful Memorial Union building.  It was a new experience to see all the functions of the MU and how much work needs to be put in to keep the building up and running.

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