“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe” – John Muir

As I read this article, I can’t say I had too much of a reaction. I am an earth science major working on a thesis regarding glacial retreat. I work under a mentor who has worked as the head of a working group for the most recent IPCC report, and who has studied climate feedback cycles for the bulk of his research. Having taken most of his classes, these along with other geoscience classes have exposed me to the concepts of climate feedback cycles, the consequences of exceeding 2-degree Celcius, and the reality of our.

Rather than a reaction, this article just made me think about the tendency for human behavior to be entropic. As a greater society, as a group of nations, humans have tendencies to create chaos before they will create a sense of unity. This issue requires us to change our morals, values, and least of all practices. Many countries ultimately depend on resources like oil to stay afloat, so to adjust all of our climate values to create a united mindset will be nearly impossible without war or alienation. To assume that countries will willingly give up their biggest export without a fight seems naive.

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