Contributions of Geography

In Castree’s “Geographers and the Discourse of an Earth Transformed”, the author makes a convincing case for the involvement of geographers in climate change research. In the article Castree argues that Geography is particularly well suited to study the concept of the Anthropocene due to their experience studying “human-environment interactions” (247). I think this is an interesting point and surprising point. I had never studied geography before and had never thought about how geography could contribute to the study of the Anthropocene. The other interesting point is the inherent conservatism of most current climate change research. Castree points out the call of many to introduce critical social science into climate change research. Quoting O’brien, Castree also calls for a need for “knowledge that can help ‘transform … the systems … that favor some interests over others … and develop new types of power and leadership for change’” (249). This is one thing which I have always been frustrated with in climate change. The focus on the latest scientific findings tend to depoliticize the issue. No longer is climate change a question of struggling for power, it becomes a management issue which can be dealt with by scientists and bureaucrats without involving the public at all. This is a fundamental problem of our age and must be solved before any solutions to climate change can be considered.

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