Our Future?

Found on Pixabay
By: Seaq68

“The Tamarisk Hunter” by Bacigaupi details a fictional time where water is scarce and only those in California seem to be living in any semblance of comfort. The protagonist Lolo survives as a Tamarisk hunter which makes him $2.88 a day, plus a water bounty. 

The scary thing is that this story doesn’t seem that far from the truth. Our future could look very similar. As we have talked about in great lengths in class, there are certain groups of people that will and are feeling the effects of climate change first. They are paying the highest price for our way of life.

In the story California bought rivers and were controlling who gets water and how much. At first people weren’t all that worried when California began calling the water sources but soon it became a much bigger problem. It wasn’t even that there wasn’t water, it was the fact that they couldn’t touch it because it was to go straight to California. While we currently don’t have states doing that, wealthy corporations have been buying up public water sources for a while now. In fact the company Nestle has been trying to privatize water for years. So even though this story is fiction it has grains of truth. We should take note from the story and pay closer attention to what is happening around us before this dystopian story becomes a reality. 

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