Let Nature Guide You

“The greatest danger to our future is apathy.” -Jane Goodall

The natural world is such a beautiful, magical thing.  To think that we are not a part of it or that we did not come from these more “natural” beginnings is to deny that we are not organisms of Earth. We have created, the concrete jungles and other artificial landscapes, is not nature. We as a species are a product of natural phenomenons, but its manipulation and destruction is not natural.

We have completely removed ourselves from the checks and balance system that you would see in the heart of the Amazon, for example.  If a prey species saw an increase in their population size, then their predator species would also see an increase. No one species becomes too dominant in all habitats. There are still competition and resource limitation to adhere by, but to us Homo sapiens those limits do not exist, apparently.  Some of us do not even give nature or the consequences of our actions a second thought.

With that being said, there are those of us that do often think of nature and its processes. There are the scientists and naturalists working to understand how it all works and what defines it, and of course  there are  those who care because it is what keeps this planet healthy and what kept it function for millions of years before us. There are also some that do put too much thought and theory into what nature is and what is the reasoning for it existence aside from a scientific/biological reason.  For me, there is often an unnecessary search for a deeper meaning.  Some people get too caught up in trying to anthropogenize natural processes, as if was created around us. As we evolved, it evolved to meet our needs. We are trying to find the most complex way to describe some of the simpler phenomenons it seems.

We just need to take a step back to appreciate and observe what nature is and what it does for us and the planet. We do not need to over complicate what already exists, but we also need to acknowledge that is there and living.

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