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Feb 19 2016

3D Scanning Tests: three kings

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3D scans side by sideWe’ve been doing tests with 3 popular 3D scanners here at work.


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Mar 25 2014

Using Unity’s Mecanim for Animations

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This is a VERY basic Mecanium tutorial for those who want to take advantage of the example animations found within the video tutorial below. Continue Reading »

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Oct 25 2013

Creating a Control Panel for Animations in Maya 2013

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Here is a brief outline and example of how to create a control panel for animations in Maya 2013. Continue Reading »

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Oct 14 2013

Particle Flow along a path

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Here are a list of basic instructions and tips for creating a particle flow along a path. This works great for a swarm look. Continue Reading »

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Sep 25 2013

Maya: Instancing a Mesh to Particles

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How to Instance Mesh with Particles – PDF

Above is a PDF guide I created that has step by step screenshot examples of how to instance a mesh and apply it to the particles of a particle emitter.

Below are the easy steps to doing this:

To instance a single object to particles

  1. Select source geometry.
  2. Shift-select the particle shape.
  3. Select Particles > Instancer (Replacement).
  4. To hide the source geometry, select the geometry and select Display > Hide > Hide Selection.

(As a reminder make sure you put extra frames in your timeline so the particles have time to emit… I used 300 frames)


The last two pages of the PDF are examples of altering and scaling the mesh, all of the instanced particles will experience the same alterations as your source mesh.

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Aug 12 2013

Animating along multiple paths

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I know you can snap a camera to a curve, but wondered how you’d handle switching between 2 curves. Here are two solutions:

(a script to decide which motion path drives translation during which frames, or just keying the level of influence from multiple constraints).
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Aug 09 2013

Paint effects – grass

here’s a cool quick tutorial Calvin found:

Quick example after the break: 
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Aug 09 2013

Extrude polygons along path – and sub-curves

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Here’s a super cool script James found:
it lets you extrude polygon faces along a curve (much like the NURBs extrusion experiments we gave up on in the past, because they had open ends. Except this script lets you dynamically control the number of Divisions, and gives you a “taper curve” slider to keep the end closed as it grows).

To Set it up:
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