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Jun 07 2016

Cool Conferences

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(warren) Discussed conferences last week with colleagues. Thought I should store a list of some of the options, in case it’s of interest:

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Sep 14 2015

note: planning to list ideas and cool research around OSU here

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until we set up a new dedicated blog, Warren, Nick, and Mark are hoping to use this dusty old place to house all the innovative ideas we come up with, and all the cool research we hear about around campus.

You are welcome to contribute. If you have an account, you can edit exist posts (otherwise, leave a comment). If you post new things, please tag them with “ideas,” “research,” or “tech.” (so that we can easily find them later, and maybe export to a separate blog)

So for now, Anima is no longer about “Animation advice and advocacy.” New snooty tagline in place.

Name idea, per Nick = “Glom,” or some use thereof. (MS)

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Aug 08 2013

Ramping up

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To whomever stumbles across this blog:

I’m a multimedia developer in the Ecampus Course Development & Training unit. I’ve talked with some of our Maya animators (student workers) about storing the cool tips and tricks we find in a format that is easier to share. I’ve found myself crafting emails which are pitches for some cool script, plug-in, technique, or tutorial. Because it helps me cement what I’ve discovered. But later it’s often hard to dig up that random email for my own reference.

So here’s a blog where we can all contribute (and maybe discuss and build on each other’s discoveries).

I’ll post some examples in a bit.

(this blog might also end up covering tips and tricks for Flash and Unity. we’ll see. And if you’re interested in contributing, let me know)

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