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Ramping up

Posted August 8th, 2013 by Warren Blyth

To whomever stumbles across this blog:

I’m a multimedia developer in the Ecampus Course Development & Training unit. I’ve talked with some of our Maya animators (student workers) about storing the cool tips and tricks we find in a format that is easier to share. I’ve found myself crafting emails which are pitches for some cool script, plug-in, technique, or tutorial. Because it helps me cement what I’ve discovered. But later it’s often hard to dig up that random email for my own reference.

So here’s a blog where we can all contribute (and maybe discuss and build on each other’s discoveries).

I’ll post some examples in a bit.

(this blog might also end up covering tips and tricks for Flash and Unity. we’ll see. And if you’re interested in contributing, let me know)

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