5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

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Before letting you know some ways to increase your landing page conversation lets first define what a landing page is. Many digital marketers define a landing page as the first page one will see if you go onto their website. This can also be known as the home page of the website as well. So here is 5 ways you can help increase your landing page conversations



This is an acronym that digital markets use and it means “Never start a marketing campaign without a dedicated landing page”.  A marketer could just create a facebook advertisement that would direct them to the companies website but it is known for getting a lower conversion rate compared to having a landing page. A landing page is very useful for marketers because they can precisely match the message the advertisement. This can lead to customers interested in the page and start exploring the website rather than hitting the “back” button.

2. Mobile vs. Desktop design

With smartphones becoming more and more popular, many websites now have to have a desktop version and mobile version. In 2018, around 58% of website visits were on a mobile device and also 42% of total time spent online was with a mobile device. More and more people are using their phone to go on the internet and go onto websites. Many companies are going to need to put equal time in their mobile and desktop designs. From the recent trends around the world, technology is making it easier for customers to go on their phone and purchase items. 

3. Photos

When designing a landing page you are going to need some sort of graphic to help advertise your message. The use of photos can be beneficial in trying to get your message across. Studies have shown that people are more likely to look at an image rather than the text of an ad. People are more drawn to images rather than a paragraph of text. Many of the millennials are known for taking many pictures and posting them on various social media outlets like twitter and instagram. 

4. Design 

Another thing that is very important and will help increase the landing page conversions is the layout of the ad/website. Creating the website with easy buttons to read will help the customer know where they want to go. The color scheme of the overall website will get customers to stay on the page. Many companies incorporate their logos color within the color scheme of the website. Using colors that contrast with the theme will help direct customers to where you want them to go. On clothing websites they make the categories contrast with the background so customers can spot what they want to shop easily.

5. Honesty 

Many of the customers that visit your site will want to know how other people have felt dealing with your company/products. Leaving a space for customers to leave a review can be very beneficial. If other customers are giving good ratings that can turn into new customers staying on the page and hopefully buying a product. Making sure to highlight the reviews that customers wrote but also not to make fake reviews.



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