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The major exports in France during Irene Curie’s life were luxury goods, for example, ” Silk clothing, vintage wine, perfume and women’s clothing”. Paris was the fashion capital of the world, and fashion was the big money maker of the time. (Shirer) In fact the first ever fashion designer, Charles Frederick Worth, opened the first ever fashion shop in Paris in 1826. By the beginning of the 20th Century most fashions came from Paris, and thus Paris became the fashion capital of the world. Nevertheless¬† being the fashion center¬† does not help much when a country is in not one but two World Wars within 40 years. During the Second World War Paris’s fashion world felt the effects of the war, and they “started to lose its grip on the fashion industry.” Because of this, children’s fashion started, and fashion was no longer just for women and men. (Nick, 2008)


Little evidence is shown for other female scientist during Irene Curie’s time. Other than of course her mother. Her and her mother were true pioneers for females in the science world. Science had always been a man’s world and the Curie’s showed the world that women were also more than capable of making scientific discoveries and changing the world.



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