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For this weeks assignment I was to search for articles and books on Irene Curie, and then talk to a Library to help further assist me. I decided to talk to a Librarian once I was having troubles with finding actual articles of substance on Irene Curie. I only found one article that was on both her and her husband and their work that was about 4 pages long. Then I found a lot of articles in French, and a lot of Book reviews.

I am currently in Germany so I cannot actually check out a book from a Library, well I could but it would be in German and the German Libraries only have a small selection of books in English.

I started my chat with the Librarian with the Question: I’m looking for online books or journals about Irene Curie, but many of the ones I find when I search are book reviews or very short. I’m currently in Germany so I cannot get a book from the Library on her, so it would have to be online. Can you please help me search for a good source?

And then the Librarian responded acting all snooty (just a presumption since it was online, but I felt snootiness coming across the computer) They sent me a link to an article on German Reference Service saying it was “just for future reference”. Which made me feel like I was wasting their time, and that they thought I was stupid, since clearly I don’t know how the German Library System works. Which I do, it is just that in this case, since I need books and articles IN ENGLISH not German, I thought I would ask a Librarian for help to find scholarly journals online.

THEN the Librarian asked me if I had an Oregon Library card and I explained that I go to Oregon State and the Professor said if we need help looking up articles online to chat with a Librarian and the link from my professor led me to them. The Librarian was said “So you can search the OSU databases then, yes?And search for articles on her there?” Which from that question/statement I got that they clearly had not listened to anything I had been saying. In my initial question I said that I had already searched and did not find anything, so I was just looking for a little help.

In the end though the Librarian did give me two sources, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t have found on my own. They were both one of the first few sites in a google search, but it was still nice.

All in all I don’t think I will be chatting with a Librarian online, at least not one that is not an Oregon State University Librarian who doesn’t know what I am talking about, and definitely not until I come back to the United States.

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