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Week 9- Teaching Project

I have decided to teach the world (or just the 5 or 6 people who will read this) how to turn a a spread sheet into a graph on OpenOffice.

I am not sure if I want to make a video of myself doing this action, or if I will just use screenshots and perhaps make a slideshow.

I intended to use OpenOffice, and perhaps also Microsoft Office, since that is somewhat more common than OpenOffice.

I will also research how others have been able to do this and see if I can find the most simple way to explain how to make it possible.


The Financial Analysis Project went pretty smoothly. It was easy though because it was helping me to make my dream a reality. Since I was young I wanted to enter the World of Harry Potter, and now that I can, it was the clear choice for my Financial Analysis Project. OpenOffice’s spread sheet program helped me to realize my dream. It was the tool that helped me to plan out my dream.


My next assignment is to teach how to start and work a technological piece of equipment, or play a game, or put something on the web, basically teach anything that has to do with technology. I’m not 100% sure about what I want to teach. Perhaps how to get your iPod/iPhone out of German or Portuguese incase it accidentally gets there. Or maybe I will teach how to use OpenOffice’s spread sheet program since doing the last project I feel like a pro :) . Maybe I’ll just think of it in the next couple days.

My Dreams

Most of my dreams involve far away places and magical moments. Even though I am currently living in Germany, my dreams to go traveling has not changed. Perhaps it’s because I just have the travel bug. Perhaps it is the fact that even though I have been living in Germany for almost a year, I have only visited France, Luxembourg(not sure if just getting gas in this country counts as visiting it) and now London (just got back from London a few days ago). It seems like everyone except for me is traveling like crazy while they are in Europe, and I have pretty much just stayed in Germany, and I still have yet to go to Munich or Berlin. I feel extremely fortunate for my opportunity to live here in Germany and I know I shouldn’t complain since I am living in Germany, but I wish I could travel more during my time here. Anyway here is a little list of my dreams, not in order of preference:

-Visit Ireland

-Visit Greece

-Visit Paris

-Visit Scotland

-Visit Poland

-Visit Spain

-Visit Portugal & practice my Portuguese!

-Visit Australia & New Zealand (hey if I’m going to fly for that long, I’m going to hit two birds with one stone)

-Visit Sweden (Home of H&M and IKEA, how can it not be awesome?)

-Pretty much visit everywhere in Europe and South America that I haven’t gone.

-Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

-Move to England and live there forever!





Culture Site Project-DONE

I have finished my Culture Site Project and I feel great. Uploading and placing the pictures where I wanted was pretty easy. The only snag is that I forgot to put the pages on the side bar, but I will do that now and then be 100% officially done. I had a good time working on this project. I learned so much about Irene Curie and her life and her family and her technology. I myself am not very good with the Sciences, but learning about Irene Curie actually helped me to better understand, since I had to rewrite many informations about her project into non-sciencey (new word) English.

I’m a little late this week with my assignment. Last week I had my finals in all of my German classes and then Sunday just when I was getting into the writing groove and I could see an end in sight, BOOM, the power goes out. And of course that means the internet went out too. I was having a minor heart-attack about  the paper since it was due on here on Monday morning. I think my heart attack got worse  the closer the deadline came and my power was still out. But then I realized that it’s not my fault, and that the power would come on sooner or later. Which it did, at about 11 o’clock last night. So this morning I finished my paper, and I feel good about the way it turned out, and I’m glad the whole power out while having a paper due experience is over.

For this weeks assignment I was to search for articles and books on Irene Curie, and then talk to a Library to help further assist me. I decided to talk to a Librarian once I was having troubles with finding actual articles of substance on Irene Curie. I only found one article that was on both her and her husband and their work that was about 4 pages long. Then I found a lot of articles in French, and a lot of Book reviews.

I am currently in Germany so I cannot actually check out a book from a Library, well I could but it would be in German and the German Libraries only have a small selection of books in English.

I started my chat with the Librarian with the Question: I’m looking for online books or journals about Irene Curie, but many of the ones I find when I search are book reviews or very short. I’m currently in Germany so I cannot get a book from the Library on her, so it would have to be online. Can you please help me search for a good source?

And then the Librarian responded acting all snooty (just a presumption since it was online, but I felt snootiness coming across the computer) They sent me a link to an article on German Reference Service saying it was “just for future reference”. Which made me feel like I was wasting their time, and that they thought I was stupid, since clearly I don’t know how the German Library System works. Which I do, it is just that in this case, since I need books and articles IN ENGLISH not German, I thought I would ask a Librarian for help to find scholarly journals online.

THEN the Librarian asked me if I had an Oregon Library card and I explained that I go to Oregon State and the Professor said if we need help looking up articles online to chat with a Librarian and the link from my professor led me to them. The Librarian was said “So you can search the OSU databases then, yes?And search for articles on her there?” Which from that question/statement I got that they clearly had not listened to anything I had been saying. In my initial question I said that I had already searched and did not find anything, so I was just looking for a little help.

In the end though the Librarian did give me two sources, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t have found on my own. They were both one of the first few sites in a google search, but it was still nice.

All in all I don’t think I will be chatting with a Librarian online, at least not one that is not an Oregon State University Librarian who doesn’t know what I am talking about, and definitely not until I come back to the United States.

Irene Joliot-Curie

My new person for my Culture Site is Irene Curie, daughter of Marie Curie. Irene Curie was also a scientist like her parents. She was given the Nobel Prize in 1935 for Chemistry discovering new radioactive isotopes developed artificially.

Irene’s culture is different from mine in that she was French and I am American-Brazilian also she lived during two world wars and so far, there haven’t been any world wars in my lifetime.

Irene Curie was born on September 12, 1897 in Paris, France and died on March 17, 1956 also in Paris.

Extra Credit

So I set up my computer to talk to me and I listened to all of this weeks assignments with it. I chose Bruce and sped up his voice a little bit, since he seemed a little bit slow. I liked having someone talking while I was reading, I definitely think it helped to retain information. Although whenever a word was split between two lines he would say the first part and second part of the word as if they were two separate words, and that was funny at times and at other times just annoying. But all in all I think Bruce and I are going to be good friends :)

Week 2

So this week was pretty easy. I had no troubles in the set up of everything, except at first every time I tried to click on a link to take me to this weeks instructions for the blog I got a blank page, until about 20 minutes ago, which was pretty frustrating. But all in all it wasn’t so bad. and I like the way my blog looks now. I know you (Professor) said no white on black, but I did white on blue. I hope that is okay, if not i can change it.

WS 320

So I just set up my blog and everything seems to be okay. It was pretty easy and I’m excited to write more. I’m also glad everything is in English, because last time I tried to make a blog it was automatically in German, since I made it here in Germany and it was very difficult to figure out what I was doing.  All of my friends and family were confused as well. Actually, it was sort of funny. Anyway just glad it is in English this time. :)