Nicole Bohall – President

I am an undergraduate at Oregon State University who is studying climate science. I am a technical assistant for Erin Pettit, a scientist who studies the acoustics of glaciers, and through this I have gained experience with computing programs such as raven pro sound analysis software and QGIS. I also work with scientific instruments such as hydrophones, weather stations, and ground penetrating radar. I am the president of the OSU student chapter of the American Meteorological Society which has given me the opportunity to not only grow my leadership skills but to build relationships with others who are interested in learning about earth sciences.

Erin Hennessy

I am an undergraduate student in the Climate Science program here at OSU planning on graduating in the spring of 2020. I have been involved in research in CEOAS with Dr. Nick Siler that relates to precipitation variability in the western US. Additionally, I am a Summer Student Intern at the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) where I work in the Environmental Modeling Center on a verification project for their Global Forecasting System (GFS) model. I love being a member of the Student Chapter of the AMS club for many reasons. It is a great way to connect with other grad and undergrad students who also have interests in weather and climate. The outreach events we do are always fun and a great way to interact with the Corvallis community and practice explaining atmospheric science to others. And finally, the professionals who visit us to discuss their careers and the trips we go on have opened my eyes to many of the career possibilities related to weather and climate sciences. This is a really fun group and an amazing way to connect with peers, faculty, and other professionals.


Daniel Watkins    

I am a climate scientist specializing in the atmosphere over Arctic sea ice. My work involves analyzing archived historical weather balloon data, satellite data, and output from climate models to understand the processes controlling the near-surface atmospheric temperature profiles. I started work on a PhD in Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences here at OSU in 2015 after finishing my master’s degree in mathematics at Drexel University. I have a passion for science communication, which I pursue through organizing public outreach with the Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society, scientific illustration, comics, and recently through the Meet a Scientist program at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry as a Science Communication Fellow.

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