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2nd Workshop on Computational Models of Social Interactions: Human-Computer-Media Communication (ACM-MM 2015)

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Communicating ideas and information from and to humans is a very important subject. In our daily life, human interact with variety of entities, such as, other humans, machines, and media. Constructive interactions are needed for good communication, which would result in successful outcomes, such as answering a query, learning a new skill, getting a service done, and communicating emotions. Each of these entities invokes a set of signals. Current research has focused on analyzing one entity’s signals with no respect to the other entities in a unidirectional manner. The computer vision community focused on detection, classification and recognition of humans and their poses and gestures progressing onto actions, activities, and events but it does not go beyond that. The signal processing community focused on emotion recognition from facial expressions or audio or both combined. The HCI community focused on making easier interfaces for machines to ease their usage. The goal of this workshop is to bring multiple disciplines together, to process human directed signals holistically, in a bidirectional manner, rather than isolation. This workshop is positioned to display this rich domain of applications, which will provide the necessary next boost for these technologies. At the same time, it seeks to ground computational models on theory that would help achieve the technology goals. This would allow us to leverage decades of research in different fields and to spur interdisciplinary research thereby opening up new problem domains for the multimedia community.  Call for papers

Organized by:

Dr. Mohamed R. Amer (SRI International)
Dr. Ajay Divakaran (SRI International)
Prof. Shih-Fu Chang (Colombia University)
Prof. Nicu Sebe (University of Trento)

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