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1st Workshop on Computational Models of Social Interactions and Behavior: Scientific Grounding, Sensing, and Applications (CVPR 2014)

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Humans form a multitude of social groups through their life and regularly interact with other humans in these groups producing social behavior. Social behavior is behavior that is socially relevant or is situated in an identifiable social context. Interacting or observant humans sense, interpret and understand these behaviors mostly using aural and visual sensory stimuli. Most previous research has focused on detection, classification and recognition of humans and their poses progressing onto actions, activities and events but it mostly lacks grounding in socially relevant contexts. Moreover, this research is largely driven by applications in security & surveillance or in search & retrieval. The time is ripe to ground these technologies in richer social contexts and milieus. This workshop is positioned to show case this rich domain of applications, which will provide the necessary next boost for these technologies. At the same time, it seeks to ground computational models of social behavior in the sociopsychological and neuroscientific theories of human action and behavior. This would allow us to leverage decades of research in these theoretically and empirically rich fields and to spur interdisciplinary research thereby opening up new problem domains for the vision community. Call For Papers

Organized by:

Ajay Divakaran (SRI International)
Maneesh Singh (SRI International)
Mohamed R. Amer (Oregon State University)
Behjat Siddiquie (SRI International)
Saad Khan (SRI International)

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