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1st Workshop on Understanding Human Activities: Context and Interactions (ICCV 2013)

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1st Workshop on Understanding Human Activities: Context and Interactions (ICCV2013)

Activity recognition is one of the core problems in computer vision. Recently it has attracted the attention of many researchers in the field. It is significant to many vision related applications such as surveillance, video search, human-computer interaction, and human-human, or social, interactions. Recent advances in feature representations, modeling, and inference techniques led to a significant progress in the field.

Motivated by the rich and complex temporal, spatial, and social structure of human activities, activity recognition today features several new challenges, including modeling group activities, complex temporal reasoning, activity hierarchies, human-object interactions and human-scene interactions. These new challenges aim to answer questions regarding the semantic understanding and high-level reasoning of image and video content. At this level, other classical problems in computer vision, like object detection and tracking, not only impact, but are often intertwined with activity recognition. This inherent complexity prompts more time and thought to be spent on developing solutions to tackle auxiliary problems to the human activity recognition problem. Call for papers

Organized by:

Sameh Khamis (University of Maryland)
Mohamed R. Amer (Oregon State University)
Wongun Choi (NEC-Labs)
Tian Lan (Stanford University)

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