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PEL-CNF: Probabilistic Event Logic Conjunctive Normal Form for Video Interpretation (ICCV 2011)

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This is a theoretical paper that proves that probabilisticevent logic (PEL) is MAP-equivalent to its conjunctivenormal form (PEL-CNF). This allows us to address theNP-hard MAP inference for PEL in a principled manner.We first map the confidence-weighted formulas from a PEL knowledge base to PEL-CNF, and then conduct MAP inferencefor PEL-CNF using stochastic local search. Our MAP inference leverages the spanning-interval data structure forcompactly representing and manipulating entire sets of timeintervals without enumerating them. For experimental evaluation,we use the specific domain of volleyball videos. Ourexperiments demonstrate that the MAP inference for PEL-CNF successfully detects and localizes volleyball events inthe face of different types of synthetic noise introduced inthe ground-truth video annotations. Paper

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