Let’s call them “VIDEO Book Clubs”

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It is working so well–!! I love it when a good plan comes together. I have facilitated four small group discussions i.e. “Video Book Clubs” where groups of older adults (I think the term “agemasters” can be used here…) get together, view one of the Mastery of Aging Well web-based modules and talk about the information provided/tell their stories.

Yesterday was a ‘Depression in Later Life’ discussion. I am moved by the raw authenticity people displayed when they talked about their own depressive inclinations… One brave person opened up and others felt they have been given permission to “let their sad out” too. It was like watching a haltingly beautiful, slow-motion word-dance.

Yesterday’s group learned that depression in later life often involves somatic complaints (someone’s aches and pains are referenced repeatedly) and that crankiness and irritability can be signs of depression–especially in aging males. They talked candidly about the pros and cons of the newest form of therapy (transcranial magnetic stimulation) and everyone in the group committed to using aerobic exercise as a way to manage depression.

One man, using the action planning approach introduced as part of the discussion, left the room chanting …”I will walk 35 minutes a day for the rest of my life.” You know, there was definitely a bit of a bounce in his step that I had not noticed earlier.

Mastery of Aging Well http://outreach.oregonstate.edu/aging-well is an easy-watching, easy-listening approach to web-based instruction for aging eyes.

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Kelly Caldwell on 2 May, 2010 at 10:21 pm #

This sounds wonderful. Do you have a format or tool box that would make it possible to offer volunteer facilitated Video Book Clubs in this area (NW &Downtown Pdx)?????

Kate Bowditch, MA on 13 January, 2011 at 10:05 pm #

I’m 64 and feeling great. I knew depression as a young woman, and know that it waits, just over the horizon in my mind, to ooz in when I am not active, or when things go badly. My cohort and I are presenting a class on The Metaphysics of Aging—the other side of the physical. We call this time in our lives “the Hallelujah Age”–because, no matter what happens, if we face it with Hallelujah!, well, we face it better! I’m going to take all four of these classes–looking forward to it. Kate

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