Academic Advisors “Best” Practices Panel

Date:  Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Presenters Brenda Sallee (COB), Kerry Kincanon (UESP), Louie Battaro (CLA), Tyler DeAdder (COE-MIME/GE), Connie Patterson (COF-NR), Melanie Jones (PHSS)


The multi-college panel discussed their current practices when preparing for, conducting and following-up on advising appointments.  A video recording of the presentation was made and is linked below.

Join the conversation!  Share your own best practices, tips, and tools.   If you would like to share a file that is not available online, please e-mail it to


Panel member College Info – provided by some panel members prior to event

Panel Questionnaire – questions considered during discussion

Video of the 2/14/12 \’Best Practices\’ Panel   Thanks to the College of Forestry Media team!