Academic Advisors “Best” Practices Panel

Date:  Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Presenters Brenda Sallee (COB), Kerry Kincanon (UESP), Louie Battaro (CLA), Tyler DeAdder (COE-MIME/GE), Connie Patterson (COF-NR), Melanie Jones (PHSS)


The multi-college panel discussed their current practices when preparing for, conducting and following-up on advising appointments.  A video recording of the presentation was made and is linked below.

Join the conversation!  Share your own best practices, tips, and tools.   If you would like to share a file that is not available online, please e-mail it to


Panel member College Info – provided by some panel members prior to event

Panel Questionnaire – questions considered during discussion

Video of the 2/14/12 \’Best Practices\’ Panel   Thanks to the College of Forestry Media team!

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2 thoughts on “Academic Advisors “Best” Practices Panel

  1. The Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Program (ENSC) currently uses simple web technology to prepare both advisors and advisees for advising appointments. This has been particularly useful with students who are pursuing the online ENSC degree through OSU Ecampus.

    We have developed two advising webpages that target newly admitted and current students. These pages contain step-by-step instructions and utilize several webforms to gather information.

    Newly admitted ENSC distance students are directed to a new student orientation page with instructions on how to prepare for, schedule and participate in their advising appointment. See

    Once oriented, student are referred to the main advising page, which contains additional guidance and links to resources, and which is primarily structured for mandatory annual advising appointments. See

    Both of these webpages contain links to webforms. The data collected provides information in advance of an advising appointment, and creates a more efficient and productive outcome.

    New student questionnaire:
    New student appointment request:
    Continuing student appointment request:

    While not yet developed as a webform (currently a Word doc), it is our intention to develop a continuing student questionnaire for annual advising (similar to the one newly admitted students are asked to completed) that will allow us to learn more about the student’s current circumstances and plans for the coming year, and to gather other information of interest that may be relevant to ENSC Program assessment and development during the coming year.

    We currently utilize Drupal to develop web content. Form data can be exported to Excel for analysis.

    If you have any questions, please let me know as I am happy to share! You can reach me at 7-2833.

  2. My friend Erin is an advisor at Colorado State and she has an online appointment system that she really likes. It syncs up with your Outlook calendar so your students can see when you are available and then just schedule themselves. Here is a link to Erins:

    Maybe this is something people here would be interested in doing? I have no experience with it, so I can’t speak to how useful it is or the cons of it…Erin doesn’t have any major complaints.

    Here is the url for the free account: If you click on the Pricing tab in the upper right, it notes that a single account is free, but you can get multiple users on one account for a few bucks a month…

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