Academic Partnerships with housing

Ben Medeiros, the Assistant Director of the Living Learning Communities, from UHDS talked to advisors about the different programs and initiatives that are being done within the Residence Halls in conjunction with academics. Ben was able to elaborate on what is being done in the residence halls that are Living Learning Communities (LLC). He was also able to provide some data that shows the effectiveness of LLC’s at OSU. Along with academically based LLC’s, a new student position, the Academic Learning Assistant has been created to facilitate in hall participation and partnerships with academic units. Ben also talked about how the residence halls have also been helping in the STAR program and have also expanded their in hall tutoring options. Lastly, Ben left us with some up coming projects to look forward too, inculding; New LLC’s, In-Hall Advising, Linked Classes and expansion of in hall tutoring. Ben’s Presentation: Academic Initiatives in the Res Halls

Creating a Professional Development Plan (6/6/14)

Guest speaker, Sally Garner, lead OSU advisors in an engaging workshop on Creating a Professional Development Plan.  Sally is the NACADA Region 8 Chair and Director of Student Services at the UO School of Journalism.  Workshop participants reflected on their advising “major” (aka. special focus area within advising) and work values.  Sally described how to craft your personal mission statement, which outlines the guiding principles of your career, as well as a 30-second elevator speech, which allows you to articulate your mission to others.  The presentation and handouts from today’s workshop are posted here.  Full presentation: CreatingPDplan    Handout: PDplan_handout

Educational Opportunities Program (4/23/14)

Janet Nishihara, Urmila Mali, Marilyn Stewart, and Courtney Garcia shared about OSU’s Educational Opportunities Program, which supports the full development of the personal and academic potential of students who have traditionally been denied equal access to higher education.  This includes students of color, students with disabilities, students who are single parents, low-income students, students who have been rurally isolated, veterans, older-than-average (25+), or first-generation students.  Advisors are encouraged to refer students who would benefit from extra support to the EOP office in 337 Waldo Hall.

See full presentation here:  EOP presentation

Education Double Degree (4/8/14)

Allyson Dean from the College of Education shared information about OSU’s Education Double Degree program at today’s Advisor Coffee Talk.  The Education Double Degree allows students to earn a second degree in Education alongside their primary degree in the subject matter they wish to teach.  Interested students should attend one of the “How to Become a Teacher” group advising sessions, held every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00a.m. in Furman Hall 104.

Intercultural Student Services (3/19/14)

For the Winter 2014 Professional Development session, we were joined by Dr. Allison Davis-White Eyes, Oscar Humberto Montemayor, and Charlene Martinez from Intercultural Student Services (ISS).  First, the team shared about the purpose and mission of ISS as well as who they serve, new programs, and resources.  2013-14 is a year of transition for ISS in which they are re-examining how they can best serve OSU students in the 21st century.  The ISS team then led advisors in activities, discussion, and reflection centered on helping advisors understand the multiple dimensions of their own identity and how an individual may be a member of both advantaged and targeted social groups.  We then discussed ways in which our identity may influence how students perceive and interact with us in the advising context.  ISS has kindly shared their Presentation as well as the handouts Identity Wheel and Matrix of Oppression that were used during this Advisor Coffee Talk.  They also provided the following suggested readings from Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice (2007): Knowing Our Students and Knowing Ourselves.

Charlene announced the new Arts in Social Justice Living Learning Community that will begin Fall 2014 in Wilson Hall.  ISS also has several upcoming events that you can share with your advisees.

We will leave you with an inspirational quote shared at today’s talk:  “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” – Laozi (shared by Oscar Humberto Montemayor)

Registrar’s Office Petitions (1/30/14)

Tom Watts from the Registrar’s Office discussed the advisor’s role in petition processes, including both Academic Requirements Committee petitions for late registration changes, and the Academic Standing Committee petitions for reinstatement by exception (for suspended students).  He also discussed the Undergraduate Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP), which allows students to temporarily suspend their academic work for a period of time and resume their studies with minimal procedural difficulties.

Notes:  Notes from Registrar’s Office Petitions Coffee Talk

Handout (PDF):  Registrar’s Petitions – Advice for Advisors

Center for Civic Engagement (1/14/14)

Emily Bowling from the Center for Civic Engagement discussed the benefits of volunteering, how advisors can help students get involved in community service, and annual service events sponsored by the Center for Civic Engagement.  The Center maintains a list of service opportunities for students which can be sorted one-time/ongoing and interest area.  Staff in the Center are also available to advise students on finding volunteer opportunities.  She emphasized a few things that students should consider when entering a community site, including some tips for students to be mindful of.  Emily discussed service learning as well.  Michelle Inderbitzin is serving as the Service Learning Faculty Development Coordinator for the Center for Teaching and Learning at OSU.  Michelle would be a good contact for any department looking to design or improve a service learning course.

Handling Difficult Situations in Advising (12/4/13)

Kris Winter from the Student Care Team and Scott Etherton from the Office of Equity & Inclusion addressed strategies for “Handling Difficult Situations in Advising.”  Kris Winter’s presentation focused on strategies for working with disruptive as well as distressed students.  Scott Etherton addressed ways that advisors can recognize and respond to sexual harassment concerns.

Sexual Harassment Prevention (advisors 12-4-13) 

Sexual Harassment Prevention handout (advisors 12-4-13)