Online resources to help answer questions at MG Plant Clinics

OSU Department of Horticulture’s Plant Identification website:

Use this website to identify woody plants (broadleaf & conifers)


PNW Pest Management

Use the tabs across the top to access Insect, Plant Disease, and Weed Handbooks


OSU Extension Publications

The source for peer-reviewed more in-depth publications. Use the search box or open the “Gardening” tab


OSU Extension Website – Gardening articles:

Source for Extension articles and popular press articles.


OSU Urban entomology:


Pacific Northwest Nursery IPM:

Good source if you are interested in invasive pests that affect ornamental plants. Primary audience is the professional nursery industry but photos and pest descriptions are very useful for MG work, too.


VegNet (info on insect pests of vegetables in the Willamette Valley)

You can sign up for the weekly reports from OSU or just use the site for a resource.


Research-based online resources from outside Oregon

Note: use publications from outside our growing area with a degree of caution.

Remember that all pesticide recommendations need to come from the PNW Pest Management Handbooks


University of California Integrated Pest Management (IPM) (home garden, turf and landscape pests):


Washington State University Pest Leaflet Series:


Washington State University HortSense:


Cooperative Extension Search Engine

Searches ALL Extension websites in the United States. Will need to filter for our growing conditions.


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