Confirmed Speakers

Master of Ceremonies

Keynote Speakers

Concurrent Session Speakers

  • Neil Bell (Community Horticulturist) Diagnosing Plant Problems: A Systematic Approach
  • Pamela J. Bennett (State Master Gardener Volunteer Program Director, Ohio State Extension) There’s an App for That!
  • Linda Beutler (Curator, Rogerson Clematis Collection, author) A World of Clematis
  • Marc Boucher-Colbert (Principle at Urban Agriculture Solutions, LLC) Ten Years of Rooftop Gardening in Portland
  • Dr. Lucy Bradley (Urban Horticulture Specialist, NC State Department of Horticultural Science) Volunteer Recruitment
  • Hattie Braun (Assistant in Extension and County Director for the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension ) Fifty Shades of Blue
  • Natalie Bumgarner (Asst. Prof. and Extension Specialist, University of Tennessee Extension) When the great outdoors just won’t do: Planning for and using home greenhouses
  • James Cassidy (Senior Instructor, Oregon State University) Soil: What it is and How it Works.
  • Bob Denman (Blacksmith and Tool wright) Price is Not the Only Difference. How to Tell Good Garden Tools From Bad.
  • Sheri Dorn (University of Georgia Statewide Master Gardener Coordinator) Teaching with Demonstration Gardens
  • Sheri Dorn (University of Georgia Statewide Master Gardener Coordinator) Implications for Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Motivation and Retention
  • Alice Doyle (Owner of Log House Plants) Gardening with Grafted Vegetables
  • John Fisher (Director of Programs & Partnerships, Life Lab) Gardening Projects for Kids: 101 Ways to get KIDS outside, DIRTY, and having FUN
  • Brian French (Principal at Arboriculture International LLCUrban Trees and Wildlife
  • Amy Garrett (Assistant Professor of Practice, Oregon State University) Dry Farming in the maritime Pacific Northwest
  • Lucy Hardiman (Garden designer, Consultant, writer and Speaker at Perennial Partners) Full Frontal Gardens
  • Teresia Hazen (Coordinator, Therapeutic Garden Program, Legacy Health) Horticulture for Health and Healing
  • Dan Hinkley (Plantsman, Garden Writer, Horticulturist, Nurseryman) My Life in Gardening
  • Sean Hogan (Author, Plantsman and Owner of Cistus Nursery) We Thought We Couldn’t, But We Can!
  • Maurice Horn (Author, Plantsman and Owner of Joy Creek NurseryGreat Plant Picks
  • Chuck Ingels (Farm and Horticulture Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension) IPM for Fruit Trees
  • Patricia Kolling (Physical Therapist, Retired)  Garden Smarts: Beating the Aches and Pains
  • Dr. Alec Kowalewski (Turgrass Specialist, Oregon State University). Sustainable Turfgrass Management
  • Tony McCammon (Extension Horticulturist Idaho State University), Who’s Garden is it Anyway?
  • Weston Miller (Community Horticulturist, Oregon State University Extension)  Integrated Pest Management for Vegetable Production 
  • Harry Olsen (Oregon State University Extension Master Gardener) Vertical Vegetable Gardening
  • Christina Pfeiffer (Author) How to Prune and Renovate the Mature or Overgrown Garden
  • John Porter (Urban Agriculture Program Coordinator and Extension Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska Extension) Heirlooms, Hybrids, and GMOs – Oh My!
  • Paul Pugliese (County Extension Coordinator) The Effects of Phenoxy Herbicides on Landscape Trees and Shrubs 
  • Thomas Rainer (Principal, Rhodeside & Harwell; Author) Where Ecology Meets Horticulture: Designing Plant Communities
  • Thomas Rainer (Principal, Rhodeside & Harwell; Author) Creating and Managing a Plant Community: Creative Approaches to Site Preparation, Installation, and Maintenance
  • Ann Ralph (Fruit Tree Specialist) Fruit Trees Simplified: Easy Harvest Pruning
  • Neal Ratzlaff  Lewis & Clark: Exploring Nature with the Corps of Discovery (Replacing Dr. Lynda Paznokas onn Lewis & Clark: Pioneering Naturalists)
  • Dr. Lee Reich (Author, Lecturer ) Multi-Dimensional Vegetable Gardening
  • Dr. Lee Reich (Author, Lecturer ) Weedless Gardening
  • Dr. Ramesh Sagili (Assistant Professor, Oregon State University) Honey Bee Health Status: a Decade After CCD Reports
  • Connie Schmotzer (Consumer Horticulture Educator) Master Gardener Pollinator Outreach
  • Dr. Denny Schrock (Iowa State MG Coordinator) Eat Your Flowers
  • Meredith Seaver (Horticulture Assistant, Utah State University/Utah County Cooperative Extension) If Trees Could Talk
  • Dr. Renee Shepherd (Seed Developer,  Author) All About Seeds
  • Heather Stoven (Extension Horticulturalist, Oregon State University) Encouraging Beneficial Insects in the Landscape
  • Dr. Bernadine Strik (Professor, Oregon State University)  Bountiful Berries: How to Grow in Containers and Raised Beds for Limited Spaces or Poor Soils
  • Jim Todd (Director of Science Education, Oregon Museum of Science & Industry). Want to See the Great American Eclipse in 2017? Here’s How
  • Mark Turner (Owner, Turner Photographics) Photographing Your Garden Through New Eyes
  • Tena VanAndel (Toronto Master Gardener) Houseplants: Our Constant Companion


















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